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Cheat to Lose Diet?

Has anyone tried the “Cheat to Lose” diet? If so, what results have you seen? If you can provide a brief description of how the diet works, it would be appreciated.

I have an idea, based on the articles I’ve read on this site, but still unsure.

How 'bout you just buy the book…it’s like $10 on Amazon.

Really a great diet. It worked for me.

Im thinking about trying it out also.

No one is going to post the diet for free here unless they are a dick wishing to get sued by Joel Marion. Buy the book dude. Don’t be a lazy fuck trying to get a free diet.

There’s already a ton of them on this website. No I have not tried this diet, but it doesn’t seem very sound from what I’ve read.

if you are at all familiar with carbohydrate cycling then you have the basis of this diet. By systematically depriving and flooding your body with carbs you can facilitate expenditure and capitalize on “cheat” eating. You still have to stop eating when you are full, even on cheat days.

Personally I think it perpetuates a cycle of cravings and addiction feeding that limits a person nutritionally. I have had clients that got good results from this method.

The cheat to lose method requires a lot more attention to food than the name suggests to be effective.

Hate to repeat whats already been said but just buy the book. Its super cheap on amazon or anywhere else. Bought it for my wife, she tried it for a few months and it worked well. The book is worth picking up for a casual dieter.