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Cheat Meals!


whats your favorite?

i love me some pizza! tonight i had...

-medium dominoes pizza
-4 chocolate cookies
-six pack of root beer
-two pieces of starbucks coffee cake

i just wanna roll over and die right about now.


Light weight !


Only four?

They better have been the size of the pizza.


Lots of these threads if u do a search. The correct answer is PIZZA. All the time.


No its more like



Hot wings do not qualify as cheat food. They are carb-free, contain lots of protein, and a good amount of necessary fats. They also contain nearly all of the FDA recommended dose of hot sauce.

I just ate thirty, and I'm cutting fat right now.

It's like there's a kind and just god up there, or something.


man i've been eating alot of cheat meals lately...they're not even cheats anymore...just meals.

but yea the correct answer is pizza...buffalo chicken pizza to be precise.


The first time I read that, I read it as minus four chocolate cookies. I was like, how do you have -4 cookies? Is that like .9 bananas? Some kind of D&D-cookie lingo?


Well when I eat hot wings I eat about 2k+ calories worth of them.

So no matter how "healthy" they are Im definitely not going to hit my macro for the day.


8 hamburgers at mcdonalds

more than 2000kcal in one meal! sassy!

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