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Cheat Meals and My Heart

It seems like everytime after i eat a big meal my heart just starts going nuts. No chest pain or anything but my pulse is just goin crazy. WHy is this? Is this my body just freaking out because of the massive amount of kcals I just consumed. I have been dieting and not taking in alot of calories at each meal. is this something i need to worry about?

i noticed that when im restricting my calories to much on a diet, my heart gets excited after any sort of significant meal, not just a large one. personally, i take it as a bad sign and eat more. I think it means the metabolism has been so depressed that it needs to perk itself up just to handle processing the food.

I think it’s caused by an increase in thyroid (T3 & T4) production.

I’d imagine it’d occur more often, with large meals, if you’re taking a thermoginic aid.

Just be careful and maybe cut back on the quantity of cheat meals - or at least spread those calories out.

Hope that helps!

I am taking no thermogenics. Just green tea. Now that you mention it when i was eating more my pulse stayed the same after a big meal. Also instead of felling tired after a big meal like most folks i get really anxious and antsy and start to fidgit alot like im having an anxiety attack or something.

yea, i think its a bad sign. What happened with me was that I was actually pretty happy about the anxiety because I thought my body was burning off what I was eating by fidgeting. But it led pretty quickly and directly into over training.

i tihnk it might be chronic glycogen depletion. this is pure speculation, though on my part. what i did was took a week off from working out and the diet; ate clean, but ate alot more. It did the trick.