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Cheat Meal

Lets say I’m going to have my 5-10% part of my un-clean food. Lets say that food is called PIZZA.

What approach would be best:

A)Post-workout after taking Surge.

B)Straight post-workout, NO Surge.

Also, when you guys eat your un-clean food what do you do to “decrease the damage”. Obviously post-workout is the best time to have one but would it be a good idea to:

A1)Perform some HIIT to deplete the muscle after your strength training session.

B2)Go for a long walk after the meal to utilize some of the calories you just consumed over that un-clean food.

Just looking for different opinions or even experiences with these “methods”

I think I remember Thibs saying PWO Shake as normal, and PWO meal is the best time to cheat. So, option A is best.

Second question- I’d just rest and recover as normal. I don’t think you need to go crazy just coz you ate a bit of junk.

there is no such thing as “un-clean” food. once you stop categorizing food as “good” or “bad” you can see it for what it is: food.

if you are that worried about a few slices of pizza, just work them into your daily calorie totals and you’ll be fine.

think about it: pizza is just a combination of bread, tomato sauce, cheese, and meat/veg. there’s nothing “magic” about that combination that will make you fat (as long as you don’t scarf down the entire 2,500 calorie pizza yourself.)