Cheat Meal Timing

So, does it matter if I have a my weekly cheat meal on a training day vs a non-training day?

Depending on why your having your cheat meal. If your having it for sake of sanity during a cut, have it during a training day, to burn off some of those extra cals. If your having it to boost your metabolism, I would try it on an off day. If your trying to gain, who cares, lol. Thats my 2 pennies. Im sure others have other ideas.

I try to have my cheat meals after I train and use it as a PWO meal so that my body can readily use the extra cals/carbs/fats. Either that or have it first thing in the morning so that you have all day to burn it off and the extra carbs will give you more energy for when you train.

I can always run longer and farther when I have my cheat meal first thing in the AM. But I do prefer having it after I train so I know that it is actually serving a purpose! :slight_smile:

Well im trying to cut down right now. So I was thinking that I should have my cheat meal on a lifting day. That is kinda what I have been doing however I tend to have a few more carbs with said meal and I feel the difference during the work out, but not in the same way you guys discribed, its more of a sluggish feeling.

Especially the next day If I eat the cheat meal late in the day, that next morning I really feel like I am hung over, even if I havnt had any alcohol. Is that just me?

PWO would my ideal in my opinion. But it’s kind of like trying to pick the best time to get kicked in the nuts, it’s going to hurt either way.

2 criteria for me:

  • immediately after a workout (with weights of course!)
  • not for breakfast (this is the most important meal of the day, so don’t fu<k with it)

I have mine usually Saturday nights, a few hours after my workout that day… I take Sundays off everyweek, so I have to watch being around the house on Sundays as not to add MORE to what I did Saturday nights.

But then I look at it as on Monday, Im fresh and ready to go, and drop my carbs back to about 30g the rest of the week while keeping my good fats up… Like a keto diet. I also usually note my body temp every morning, just to see where I’m at on Saturdays…to see how far I can take my “cheat meal” that night.

It depends on what you are going to have to eat. If you keep to just savoury foods it can be a good boost before a heavy training day. If you’re going to have high sugar food as well -cakes, doughnuts etc then i would have it pwo or the day after a heavy session, so that you dont’ get a sugar crash during your workout.