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Cheat Meal Friday


I like to go INSANE on friday night and go out and eat as much as i can before i feel like puking...any suggestions on where to go tonight...keep your ideas mainstream as i live in a small area which doent have all the chains you United States peeps have.

post yer cheat meals


Pancakes, thousands of them.


Chinese food.


Yeah pancakes are awesome! Or like some local pizza joint, whole supreme pizza with double garlic flavored crust!! You got to have a place like that around there!

I just had KFC grilled chicken mm....

to bad you don't have a mongolian barbeque around there. all you can eat rib eye steak, new yorkd strip and every other animal you can think cooked right in front of you with whatever veggies/sauces/spices you can add yourself. Michigan folk know what I'm talking about!:smiley: not really cheat meal material cause clean yet you can eat as much as you want!

Dennys or iHop are good places:D. Taco bell gots cheap ass chicken rice burritos for like 89 cents bro. :smiley:


masonator wrote: Chinese food.

x2, the occasional chinese food buffet is the best thing ever


OT, carlitosway........awesome avatar lol! Isn;t it one of those douches from the "hey everyone....look at me, I'm neeeeeew" threads?


Case of Labatt? How I miss my Canadian beer...

I just hit the bar and have some apps, burger, and a couple beers.


Outback, the biggest porterhouse they have so like 24oz, french fries, ceasar salad so you can at least feel like you made a good choice, fried mushrooms, and some chocolate cake. Top it off with a pitcher of beer, and if they have it near you get some lobster tails from them too to round everything out haha.

At least that's what I'm eating in about 30 mins lol


Occasional is ok. Daily is better. Add some s'mores pop-tarts for a rounded meal. Those kick ass!


Hey don't forget the litre of Nestle-quick Chocolate milk that goes with the poptart.


Idk lol, i have cheat meals way more often than just on fridays lol. I eat clean for the most part but i need to eat some nasty shit for cals sometimes. Whole pizza, burger king, pancakes, new born baby, its all good.

Did I say baby? I meant baby back ribs... or did I?


Bratwurst. That's what I had tonight. Apple Bratwurst.




Japanese buffet with every kind of sushi imaginable, unpeeled shrimp, coconut shrimp, honey chicken, teriyaki chicken, sesame chicken, pepper steak, garlic steak, and of course a large serving of vegetable noodles.


yeah he changed his avi into a troll avatar to showcase his true colors. He was annoying me so I made a douchebag avatar out of his pic. Worked out for both of us in the end.


yo guys i went with some cheap canadian beer (ALPINE!!!) and some Chineese Food...had an awesome bloat on by the end of it all.


Why did I even open up this thread?!? - sigh - drooling


I was able to eat 100% clea for the first 8 weeks of my bulk, but then I decided that a meaty pizza form a local joint was ok to finish off my sunday night shift at work where I have no access to food for 5 hours...

That was when I was in college and in a routine though. I'm on holidays now and doing a lot more stuff with my friends so I tend to eat a lot more Subway and pizza(both just outside my new gym) just to keep up with the cals. I snack only on fruit though so it ain't all bad...

I'm actually looking forward to getting back into college, when I'm in a routine I tend to make much more steady progress


pizza and burrrr


It's usually cruise night with the boys so we hit up In & Out. I usually pound 3 Double Doubles Animal Style sometimes a 4th.