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Cheat Meal Breakfast or PWO?


Should I do my cheat meal for breakfast or post-workout? I generally workout around noon or 1:00 pm.

My cheat meal will have the following stats:

Calories: 1400
Protein: 60 g
Fat: 70
Carbs: 130 g

In case you're wondering. This is a 10-sack of White Castles.


Definitely post-workout, about 60 minutes post to be exact.

You might want to recheck your stats. I doubt that 10 of those is only 70g fat. Not that it matters, since it's a cheat, but still.


Its a CHEAT MEAL have it when you will enjoy it most even on a day off.


Well I figure if I'm going to cheat, I might as well time it right so those calories get allocated toward building muscle.