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Cheat Foods... That Aren't


Hey all, I am currently dieting for my first BB competition, so I have been having a lot of these lately when cravings come! I know something like this has been posted before, but I wanted to start a new one.

Salty/ crunchy:
- A good crisp dill pickle

- Sugar-free gum
- A little international delight sugar free coffee creamer

- Hot sauce!!!
- Dijon mustard, just found out about this one, amazed how something can be so delicious and creamy with no fat or carbs!

Everybody feel free to bag on my choices and add their own!


A proper diet where all macro nutrients and vitamin/mineral requirements are met should not fall victim to cravings. Cravings are a malfunction of the weak minded. I am Buzz Killington...


^^ Yeah you suck.

Hot sauce is one I really like. I also enjoy the diet sodas although I try not to drink them too often even though I don't think there is anything wrong with them. I think almond butter is delicious as well. I eat a glob every once in a while if I'm getting a craving. Can't think of many others off the top of my head right now.


Hot sauce is a good one. One of the other trainer's that I work with, recommends clients to use it as it also has been showing to raise HGH naturally in the body. I like using Mio or green tea iced tea unsweetened to add a little flavor into my water Diet Snapple especially.


1 cup of almond flour
4 egg whites
3 scoops of chocolate whey
2 tbsp cocoa powder
+/- quarter cup of sweetener, to your taste
3 quarter cup of unsweetened apple sauce
little bit of baking soda
mix it and bake it at 350 in a 9x9 pan until set, maybe 12-15 minutes. Add nuts and/or coconut if you so desire.

Chocolate brownies you can eat for breakfast and kill all sweets cravings.


Yeah, I have been drinking some diet pop lately after about 4 years of no soda at all. I feel like most of the issues which come from diet pop consumption comes from rationalizing eating other junk food because you are drinking diet soda.


Oh wow, that sounds really really good! A litte curious to try that.


Sounds awesome.


Cauliflower crust pizzas. I could eat these morning noon and night.



Also, this:

2 cups cottage cheese
1 cup oats
2 eggs
2 packs of vanilla flavoring

Blend it all into a pulp and use as pancake batter.

You'll need to oil up the pan of course, if on reduced-calorie diet use pam spray.
I prefer coconut oil or lard.
They won't look too pretty but they taste absolutely delicious.


150ml of egg whites to one scoop whey, makes a good protein pancake.


They are pretty tasty, just made a pan tonight. I forgot to say to grease the pan, use Pam, coconut oil, or butter, or they will stick.

I'm down with the cauliflower pizza too, easy to make and faster then take-out.


Brocolli and steamed spinach with Dijon mustard, yellow mustard, or German mustard. Addicted.


If I am having an absolute killer sweet tooth, I will usually go with some sugar-free chocolate pudding, chocolate whey and some peanut butter. Tastes like chocolate peanut butter, and not terribly difficult to fit into the daily macros!


Low fat pop tarts, bammmm baby.



Meat “Crust” Pizza; It’s Meatza!


1 cup cottage cheese
a coupla packets of splenda
crushed almonds

Mixed all together. Delish.


Greek yogurt, blueberries, splenda.


I got this same recipe on eliteFTS. theres also one for banana bread almost the same ingredients....very low in carbs