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Cheat Days

There was a thread awhile back that talked about people’s cheat days or the what not…here’s mine, today Saturday 5/31/03

Upon rising:
8 Ego waffles, enough syrup and butter to taste.

Throughout the day:

An entire box of Kellog’s Smorez cereal
32 oz of milk to go with the cereal.

3 donuts

8 piece Chicken Tenders, large fries at Burger King

4 carne asada tacos at local mexican hole in the wall.

1 Odyssesy protein bar(yuck, dont do it)

An entire Freshchetta Supreme brick oven pizza.

1 night of great sleep due to carb/sugar induced coma.

OK why not:

thursday, 22/5

poppy cake filling - yummy!
2 crouasons ( I know it’s spelled differently but I dont like french)
200 grams turkey
1 liter strawberry law fat yogurt ice cream

6 borekass (levant pastry, very good)
200 grams turkey
2 rogalah (some jewish pastry - very good)

another poppy cake filling
can of tuna.
1 liter strawberry law fat yogurt ice cream

1 serving shuarma (thats meat slices in a pitta)

1 serving shuarma in a bunn (like phily’s cheesesteak but no cheese and better)

maybe I should do some middle eastern food thread one day.

i had a cheat dayyseterday

i started off with good food

lunch i had a sweet tooth, was in town so i got a ready to drink metrx and a protein bar (never have these noramlly lol)

got home and had some of my mother’s home made chicken curry with chapatis

had a couple of bowls of cheerios and 4 slices of toast

more carbs than i would have liked but today i had a really hard training session and i actually felt good. I had more drive cos i wanted to burn the carbs lol

You suck, man. I have not had a cheat in about three weeks. ;(

But, when I do, it includes crapola such as this:

-One box of Capin’Crunch

-One box reduced-fat Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies

-Pop Tarts

-Reduced Fat Oreos

-Some more cereal, such as Frosted Flakes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Apple Jacks, Fruit Loops, and Lucky Charms.

I guess that’s it. :wink:

Pepperoni pizza and a six pack of beer…or dinner at Outback Steak house bloomin onion and Alice Spring’s chicken(yum yum)

And when I woke up today I was shitting pure sugar! Call me crazy, but I’m serious…my “shit” smelled sweet and sugary! lol

I get sick just reading that! Whole boxes of “Sugar-Bomb” cereal???

Of course I’ve been known to cheat with a beer or two. Okay, maybe 6-10 beers, and entire pizza and a bag of pistachios.

But I eat good all day before that.


beer or two. Okay, maybe 6-10 beers, and entire pizza<<
that was my cheat Saturday…that and some Cabo Wabo tequila.
good stuff.

Is cheating really cheating if you’re counting how much and how many?

How about “I attacked some pizza, ice cream and everything else that was in the fridge. Not sure what happened after that, but I woke up on the floor with a Whopper stuck to my thigh.”

G-S: I, for one, would LOVE some Middle Eastern food ideas/recipes. We’ve got several threads on recipes already, but I don’t recall anyone specializing in that area. Care to share?

6 whole wheat pancakes with butter, sugar, cinnamon, applesauce
1 pan of baked rice/veggies
Baklava (mmm…)
Clean Dinner


If I ate that one day I would get fat. No shit.

10 beers

4 jumbo tacos with 1 lb of ground beef

6 bratwurst hot dogs

well… lets talk numbers…how bout a 17lb gain over a weekend

Ryan, that’s a pretty decent gain, bro! I’m proud of you. Sounds like you had some fun and put some of your worries to the wayside. Very good to hear, buddy!

Man, it sounds like I need to get together with some of you guys. You know, just enjoy a couple buffets over a chat or two. Or, is it, enjoy a nice chat over a drink or two? Oh well, I like to eat too, so I think this would be fun!

17 POUNDS Ryan??? Holy Water Batman! How long did it take to shed that water gain?


Um, is 17lb physiologically possible or are you joking?


Sunday June 1, my regular sunday cheat day:
4 cinamon raisin bagels, then 3 more with cream cheese.

1 pint cookies & cream ice cream.

burger & fies.

2 more bagels & cream cheese.

Vanilla icecream w/chocolate sauce.

2 more bagels w/cream cheese.

big bowl of spagetti & meat balls.

1/2 tray of brownies.

1/2 tray brownies & ice cream.

Monday morning & I feel hung over.

About the 17lb

I have already eaten in my haydays more 8 lb IN ONE MEAL. without drinks.

1lb+ pasta
2lb meat
5lb icecream (Im a big icecream fun)
cakes, and other stuff.

And I immediately went playing basketball.

So I do believe its possible although I never actualy seen it happen.

5 lbs of ice cream in a day??? Good Lord…that has to be a misprint. lol