Cheat Day?

Hey guys, Im a pretty lean guy, 6.2, i calculate around 11% body fat. I am trying to get to see all my abs so im cutting right now.

I lift 3 days a week and do cardio 3 days a week. The days I lift I eat more carbs (3 protein/carb meals, 2 protein/fat meals), on cardio days I eat fewer carbs (2 protein/carb meals, 3 protein/fat meals).

I have had good progress so far, but I don’t know if my cheat days on saturdays is helping me or delaying my progress.

I follow a very strict diet using all of the latest knowledge on dieting 6 days a week. On saturday however I eat and eat and eat, no junk food though. No fat in those meals , just a lot of protein and carbs. I dont count calories but I know I am well beyond my daily needs.

What I want to know is if this cheat day actually helps by cutting the catabolic pattern, affecting leptin, restoring glycogen, etc… or if this will actually slow down my progress. It is only one day a week but it is A LOT OF FOOD.

Also, are there any lean guys dieting out there that have made good use of a cheat day like this?

Thanks a lot!

Hey I think I have read several times that one day of overfeeding doesnt do much to revamp your metabolism. I guess if it is clean though you can help replenish some glycogen if you low carb throughout the week. I actually just do one cheat meal a week right now instead of a whole day and this has helped keep me on track and stay lean. Hope this helps.

Currently I’ve been having a “cheat night” on Friday nights where I will eat and drink whatever I want. I maintain a good diet throughout the day on Friday and probably eat even less than normal.

I workout in the morning, though I have been thinking about moving it to the afternoon so the after-burn from the workout is still going strong while I’m in cheat mode.

I’ve found since doing this that I am much more strict during the week because I know I’m going to be able to indulge in just a few days anyway. I don’t think there is any physiological advantage to a cheat meal/day, but psychologically it helps.

Oh yeh, I’m still making good progress, but like I said, I just restrict it to one evening, not a whole day.