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Cheat Day


For those that do cheat days, how many hours do you cheat for? From midnight to midnight (48 hours) or upon rising to midnight (about 18 hours?)


I'm glad you worked the math out for me from midnight to midnight being 48 hours. To think, this whole time I have been using the 24 hour method.

Why do you want to know this information about me? Are you wanting to come over to my house for cheat day? You wouldn't be disappointed. We keep it live around here from midnight to midnight baby, all 48 hours of it! We even got the twinkies with glitter.


Kidding of course. One day per week I pretty much eat anything I want all day long, peri-workout nutrition aside. Although I do look really good naked, I don't know if this method will work for you.


I usually try (keyword being try) to have a cheat meal for lunch, but after having burger king for lunch its kinda hard to go from that to eating chicken, rice and broccoli again for the rest of the day lol. but it never lasts longer than the rest of that day.


I usually do a Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast thing.

Saturday will be beer and pizza or ribs or whatnot and Sunday is bacon and French toast with PB and maple syrup.


nice. the best of both worlds. because pizza is fucking awesome but so are pancakes (not waffles).


Well I didn't cheat last night so tonight I had this 10 patty burger at BK.



Pure amazingness.


What's the reaction when you order this? I'm sure it's pretty priceless.


Not even cheat meal..lol..If I even have 250g-300g carb days..the next day..I retain water and basically only in the little pouch area of fat right below my lower abs and right between my v cut. Seriously..it's one of the last places I really have fat and it's as if any water just pools there if I eat shit or if I eat over 250g of carbs..


The staff seemed OK with it...my girlfriend gave me a mom look like I was being a fool... and a couple of people that walked by the window looked at it when I unwrapped it. There were 3 women at the table next to us that had a laugh.

My dogs wagged their tails.


here's the dogs admiring it wrapped up like a Christmas present.


can't do legit cheat days while cutting. i'd do way too much damage. gotta make it the last or the only meal of the day which ends up spanning 3-4 hours of on and off eating.


what about cheat days while on a clean bulk? would that just be a waste or actually do some good for me?


Unfortunately I've recently come to this conclusion myself, they factor into average calories seemingly like any other calories so for me to get into a deficit would require eating way too little during the week. Back to typical carb cycling.

This I can do and enjoy it because 1. it lets me eat whatever I want one day per week and 2. it lets me eat less during the week, both of which are convenient living at college.

Having said that I find it very annoying how my face and stomach look bloated/gross to me for the day and the following day if I'm over 14% body fat or so .


I never really call them cheat days, i call them "mass building" days.


HA, that was too funny, i guess in my excitement i couldn't even do the math right. I ended up eating at 1 am and got drunk, fuckit its only 24 hours of really crappy food, I deserve it. I'm still losing like 3 lbs per week, i'm about 10 weeks out to gettin some mad punani.


Sick nasty! I want!!


You're in Texas! I envy you! I've never had a real BBQ but I know that if I get the chance I would choose a Texas one in a second.


Should check out the Houston Rodeo cook-off. Awesome BBQ from cooking teams and deep fried twinkies from the vendors. Actually they deep fry anything they can think of. Ooooh and some of the best tamales smothered in Texas chili. We can do some prowler pushes in the parking lot then go do some serious eating.