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Cheat Day Ideas


Anyone? I have one tomorrow, I'm planning for about 4 big cheat meals. I'm thinking:

Giant breakfast at Denny's/similar of pancakes, hashbrowns, bacon, bread, maybe even country-fied steak, etc etc.

Definitely a monstrous burger, maybe the Smokehouse at Ruby Tuesdays?

Pizza thrown in there somewhere too (maybe a couple of frozen ones), followed by some type of dessert,... ice cream most likely. Or maybe I can throw in the ice cream after the burger. As you can tell, I'm pretty excited.

Other stuff... help me! :slightly_smiling: I'd prefer it to have all three macronutrients, so not stuff like just donuts, etc. Though I might eat some donuts while I'm at it.


Fuck frozen pizza - you are in Illinois so go to fucking Giordanos. And get a blizzard for desert - preferrably peanut butter cup or oreo.


Hit up Cinnabun, 3 or 4 times.


Very good observation, but I'm already going to Denny's and Ruby Tuesday's (I think)... fuck! Now you see my indecision here.


YES! See, that's the kind of shit I'm looking for. That can be dessert after some mid-day cheat meal.


The McGang Bang (McChicken inside a doulbe cheeseburger)

The Tender Whopping Gang Bang (Tendercrisp inside a double Whopper)

The Tender Whopping Gang Bang in the Hay (TWGB with french fries inside)

My new favorite The Double-Double Double Down (Double Down at KFC inside an In-n-Out Double Double)


My personal favorites are Mexican, Cold Stone, and something jentacular. Cold Stone can be pretty amazing depending on how crazy you get.

And beer.


There's got to be an All You Can Eat component to this cheat day or you will have seriously failed.

Do your best to bankrupt the owner of the establishment.


I just had my Cheat meal for the week, I ate a box 2.5 lb's of BBQ Chicken wings, with a few Beer's while watching the Hockey game, mighty tasty....:slight_smile:


My best ever cheat meal consisted of a full rack of BBQ beef ribs, 1 large salad, a bowl of clam chowder and 2 large blueberry muffins, each topped with a nice chunk of butter on top!


Tomorrow is Ihop, I forgot that Denny's is nowhere near me. Will update tomorrow throughout the day as necessary. Fuck I still have to lift, too, lol.


I've never involved salad in a cheat meal.


If you are looking for some caloric density...a dominoes pasta bread bowl is hands down the way to go. Best had at the end of your cheat because your ass will be down for the count after eating one.


today was my cheat day i had
4 eggs
1 bowl of oatmeal

2 pieces of toast
half a jar of peanut butter

1 chicken burger from KFC
1 chicken drumstick
fries & a coke

half pound burger
fried onions

spaghetti and meatballs.

felt good!


Meal #1 at Ihop

  1. Stuffed French Toast - Cinnamon apple french toast filled with sweet cream cheese, topped with whipped cream. This thing was probably 1500 calories alone (not that I'm counting).
  2. Big plate of regular 'ol hash browns.

Lifting in a bit and then I'll see what's next!


I am living vicariously through you today (meal wise), so keep the updates coming, pictures are more than welcome.



Oh that sounds incredible. I went to Denny's yesterday and they have all you can eat pancakes right now. The nearest IHOP is 40 minute drive unfortunately :frowning: I would love to try those new pancake stackers.


How do you eat pancakes and keep those incredibly sharp abs in your new avatar?

/jealous and curious (and impressed!)


Haha. OK well I will start taking pictures then, here is one from google image for the breakfast I had. Don't know about Cinnabun, it's 20 minutes drive one-way! I'd rather sit on my ass after lifting, and order a giant pizza which I will probably do.


Awesome! I actually prefer Denny's but there is not one in the city, ridiculous. I love these cheat days, because not only is it psychologically beneficial, but also physiologically if you haven't had starchy carbs in awhile! So no guilt involved.

New World Man, cheat meals/days/refeeds/whatever can be very beneficial to your body, but that is only if you have been without carbs for awhile (has to do with the hormone leptin and metabolism... it's in our genes basically, it is actually beneficial for us to have some fat, so you get around those last 10-15 pounds with strategic cheat meals which will increase the leptin hormone. But you must have low carbs the next 1-2 days to get those fat-burning effects). The carbs I've had in the past week are sweet potatoes (1/2 of potato) and oats (1/2 cup at a time).