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Cheat Day Guilt


Anybody feel guilty after them? I just got done with my first carb up on ad. I ate like complete shit today. I feel so disappointed haha


Does standing in front of a mirror crying while calling myself fat and weak count?


were you eating some sort of little debbie snack at the same time?


punch yourself in the nuts


You gotta get past it man. Feeling guilty about it is a bad thing to do. Identify why you ate like a hormonal teenage girl, make adjustments to prevent it from happening again, hit the weights hard, get on with life, and then you must punch yourself in the nuts.


I am going to be honest. It doesn't matter. You want to standout? LIft heavy, eat heavy (fill up of protein, after that, add some carbs and fat). Do that for ten years. Diet for 6 months to a year after, and you got something special. If you want to be only 180 and ripped, then yeah, you should feel guilty, but at least your goals are pretty easily reachable.


Thank you for the insightful view on nutrition!


It was my first time getting a cheat day in in months and I'd stuck to my diet so I felt I deserved it. Thanks for the advice guys, especially andy XD


after my cheat meals I am definitely ready to go back on my regular diet that is for sure.


only if you are using those tears as lubrication lol


Whats your diet on your cheat day?

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Carb-up =/= cheat meal(s).

I think this may be your problem, or at least part of it...

If you want to feel 'good' about your carb-up, don't treat it like a cheat meal/day, and eat the right amount of the right carbs.

If you're going to have a cheat meal, be honest with yourself and call it what it is: don't call ti a carb-up.


If you feel guilty there is probably a reason. Carb up cleaner next time.


Mainly oatmeal and fruits. But then I saw dark chocolate covered blue berries then it was all over. All the carbs I got definately helped with my training got through 5 rounds of superhero pretty easy. Just gonna have to stay away from the sweets next sunday.


look up skiploading by ken "skip" hill


lol at cheating with oats and fruit.

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not regular fruits but CHOCOLATE COVERED FRUITS!!!

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Dark chocolate and blueberries? Shit, you were just getting your antioxidants in.


Dark chocolate and blueberries are not that bad. Well it'd depend on how much you had. I was expecting you to say 'massive tub of ice cream and vanilla and cream cheese gateau' or something like that...

Anyway, I never feel guilty on my cheat day(s). I'm back to lifting heavy after eating shit for a day or two.


To be honest i hated AD for that weird feeling on the weekend.

I'd be looking forward to the carb-up, so excited... then on the day just felt like shit, and really needed to shit. Bad shit. #

That never changed for me.