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Cheat Blood Test for High Testosterone?

I have addisons disease and have been taking testoviron depot since 16. im 41 now. problem is I take much more. about 900mg per week. 125mg a day. I have to do regular blood tests and see an endocrinologist every few months showing them these tests and the numbers are through the roof. any way to cheat a blood test? I always deny that im taking anything but since I dont look like an average guy they see somethings fishy. I simply say, I eat well and train well and use test boosters and Ppowders.

btw, I have used a lot of gear before. deca/tren/Tdepot was may last about 2 months ago. Im almost certain im infertile because of AD. I also took GH for a year when I was young because I was very short. 5’4" and now 6’ after a year of injections. If I dont take any steroids I will not grow and in fact get smaller. I take hydrocostisone and florinef (salts) pills daily to stay alive. thank you.

If their using a test/epi couldn’t you use something to boost your epi test?

thank you for the reply. I apologize for my dumbassness but I dont know what epi is? how would I go about doing this please?

[quote]rocketman122 wrote:
thank you for the reply. I apologize for my dumbassness but I dont know what epi is? how would I go about doing this please? [/quote]

He means epitestosterone, and I highly doubt your endo is using T:E ratio to monitor your treatment. I actually tried to get a T:E test done at Labcorp and QUest because I compete in tested competitions (I am on TRT) and wanted to make absolutely sure I was within the ranges, but I couldn’t get it done at either place.

You are on Testoviron Depot…isn’t that basically just Testosterone Enthananate? And you take close to a gram a week permanently? WOW…am I misunderstnading something here? Surely you are talking about when you cycle, and are at a more reasonable dose at other times, right? Bueller?

What are you prescribed? You can just take what you are prescribed, and take the half life into consideration and just stop injecting before your blood tests. I would estimate that you would need a full 3 weeks without the gear before going in for a test though to get into the normal ranges.

I can’t undersatnd why your doctor has not yanked your script so far. Something smells fishy here.

In one of your other threads Im pretty sure you said you were 6’7" now, thanks to your hgh treatment… Did you shrink a half foot or are you just completely full of shit?

I’m a huge fan of your “girlfriend” thread btw. I read all 6 pages today. Very entertaining. Make a new name and try again dude…

Maybe I said the estimated my height to be 6’7" but because I didnt take the GH shots properly I only got to 6’. im really 6’ 1/2". I dont believe I ever said I was 6’7" I dont remember even typing 6’7" I didnt take the shots properly because sometimes it would hit a vein in the leg and being scared, I would skip shots. I took the shots at the age of 16.

the GF thread was something. ive moved on since them. the long distance was too much for me. dont remember the smedium sized polo as well?

as far as the prescription goes. I get 2 amps per month from the pharmacy since I was 16. the rest I get from a different pharmacy “under the table” . yea, youre correct, testoviron depot is enanthate. its from schering.
Im certain im infertile because of addisons disease. I took menogon and chorigon HCG/fsh LH treatment and it did not help. I take 125mg a day.

there is noticeable weight loss after 2 days of not injecting. its very hard to pack on muscle having addisons disease. you are almost always in a catabolic state. I also get viagra 100mg tabs from the pharmacy. I dont use it so often though.

yes, 125mg every day. when I get enough money I buy my gear for cycling (or non stop of cycling). right now im a bit short but my friend who gets the gear will let me buy them 1 vial at a time. so I can pay as I go. I prefer to divide and inject a small dose everyday than 200mg twice a week. I dont get the ups and downs I feel when it kicks in. it helps me to stay in an anobolic state steadily. I will probably start with deca again soon and toss tren A in as well. wonderful duo. crap sleep and rage ,sweat.

my diet has been the same everyday for the time ive been training. very clean. 6 meals a day.
ive tried the following stuff:
Parabolan 100mg (Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate)
trenbolone acetate
T propionate 100mg
sustanon 250mg
T enenthate 250mg
T cypionate
deca 200mg
primobolan from schering

I simply take what he can get. sometimes I have no say. its what his supplier can get him. other times yes.

Too Rocketman: Regarding losing weight after cessation of testosterone,maybe you require a supraphysiologic level. The normal is for people that are not afflicted by addison’s disease.
The only other solution is discontinue your injection’s 3,or 4 week’s prior to testing. The endo appointment is what 1 time a year? It’s unfortunate that you cannot be honest,as it seem’s you require more testosterone than what is rx.as a result of addison’s.There are people that are (Rapid Metabolizer’s) and require for of what ever drug. I wish you well john