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Cheapo Surge: Bad Idea


Over the last 2 months probably, I've been doing a whey+gatorade drink during my workout, then Surge PWO.

I just happened to look at the ingredients of the powdered gatorade, partially hydrogenated coconut oil. WTF? Granted it was dead last on the list, but come on, does this really need to be in there. I tossed the tub.

Just a heads up for those that may be doing the same, and don't want the hydrogenated oils.


Maybe something cool will happen, like you'll grow a third head on your biceps.


Who the heck hydrogenates coconut oil?


You overreacted.


Wait, hold on. So Gatorade powder (for the sugar) post workout is no good?


I should say it only had about 2 small scoops left anyways.


No, it's fine.

Psycho-boy here is just afraid the .125g of hydroginated oil in his postworkout shake is ruinin' his gainz


Again, as I stated, there were only about 2 scoops left anyways. Yeah, it may be anal, but why knowingly put some crap into your body if there are better alternatives. I really don't see the issue here.


its probably in there to increase its shelf life a bit.

as for more affordable para-workout drinks, i like mixtures of dextrose/ maltodextrin/ IDS waximaize/ Grow!/ and Surge sometimes.

Surge is great, but its damn expensive at over 2 bucks per serving.


more than that if you're over 200 lbs


pretty much off topic but is there anything wrong with taking a fat burner when trying to gain?

all i use it for is the boost in energy for lifting and it works extremely well.

would caffeine be 'safer'?


I just recently bought Surge and discovered that little fun fact on the back of the bottle. Ouch.


A poison is a poison no matter what dose you take. It will harm you, but to a lesser degree.

And JF, they put in partially hydrogenated oils for the all elsuive "mouth-feel"


yeah, I'll be at that point soon enough, not looking forward to blasting through a tub even faster now


Can't you still do cheapo Surge with bulk whey and malto?


I have a "mouth-feel"? Well, I guess so.