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Cheapest place to get HCG?

Im going to be starting on Test Cyp injections IM next week

I wish to add HCG to my regimen

I am looking for an affordable way to get HCG

Whats the cheapest way possible, also im hoping shipping doesnt take 6 weeks or something

I want to add the HCG as a 2x week supplemental injection together with my 2x week T injection

I know HCG + T requires a smaller dose than HCG solo

How much would you recommend for this regimen? And whats the most affordable way to get it?’

My understanding is the way to get it is as a dry powder, and then reconstitute it using special water… do i have to buy the special water somewhere as well?

Thank you guys for your help

BA water. 0.9% benzyl alcohol.
If you get from a pharmacy, they will supply the BA water. You need a larger syringe to move the water and that can also be supplied.

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HCG requires a prescription. Mens clinics are your best route.