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Cheapest Hooch By State


I live in Maryland. The State booze tax is 9%. How do I determine if it's worthwhile to run the border into DC, VA, WVA or Delaware to buy my booze there. I buy about 300 bucks worth of booze a month.

Thanks !


The easiest way is to just buy the same exact bottles of booze in each location and factor in the cost of fuel to determine if you saved money. Unless you know all the sales and booze tax rates of those places. Then you would have to determine the prices charged in an actual store in each place and calculate the additional taxes and estimate your fuel costs.


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Sen always has an interesting thread.


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Hey Sen, where are you in MD?

I ask because we're very likely to move to the Baltimore area in the next 6-7 months.




Make your own!


Yeah Maryland booze prices seem high as shit to me coming from Virginia. In VA I do believe the alcohol tax to be at five percent and I could have sworn I saw a billboard in Delaware that says they don't tax spirits.


Thats the spirit.


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We have room in Texas for you (dont go to Cali they are weird)


All of you are lucky... complaining about price difference across states... I just paid $19 CAD ( slightly more in USD :wink: ) for a damm MICKEY of wiskey... that's like a 1.5 per ounce...

I hate Canadian liquor laws... and I love my trips to Seattle.


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Well, my son finished one year of college and then got himself into the music biz under a famous producer in the Baltimore area. He's back and forth a lot, so we wanted to make things easier for him and us. Besides, NJ is way too expensive to continue living in. Besides, at our age we're downsizing a bit. It's time for a move, and Baltimore is in our sights.


You really want me to do all this work!?! Keerist.


I haven't clicked on these...but aren't they a bit dated...lemme know before I click...takes time you know...


No shit!?!? PM me...I'm just outside Balmore...Hon !


MD is 9%...I'm curious if there's any 'hidden' taxes...