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Cheapest Diet in Australia Possible


I can shop at woolworths .so Basically donthave much money,cant get a job and need the cheaoest diet possible with high calories,protein and carbs because im a 15 year old and my metabolism is super high,
Im not able to eat enough and lately iv been getting sick alot and when i go to the gym to train i have no energy.
Someone help please


Well, I’m not familiar with Woolworth’s or food prices specifically in Australia, but typical budget foods include:
Ground meat (beef, pork, Turkey, chicken, etc.)
Canned Tuna
Bags of frozen veggies

And for what it’s worth, this is typically what I eat.



Seriously though, the cheapest diet will be rice, beans, potatoes, and what ever protein is cheap at the time.


Yep, another great, cheap food choice.

Just keep your eye out for sales. Keep your diet simple and buy in bulk.


I feel like I’m in a similar position because I’m a student and don’t have a lot of disposable income.

I usually buy a big bag of frozen peas, sweetcorn and carrots for around £1 each about once a week. Also buy 1kg of pasta or rice, whatever you fancy which is also around £1-2. Then I buy chicken (usually diced) which is £7 for 700g which lasts me four meals. The chicken can definitely be done a lot cheaper though.

My diet is pretty rubbish and a constant work in progress. I often skip breakfast and have a lot of shakes with oats in but recently I’ve started buying baked beans and eggs to have for breakfast too which I imagine will get my calories between 2000 and 3000 with two meals like above. I’m not sure how much they cost when bought in bulk because I haven’t got round to it yet but I’m sure if you go to a farmers market or something eggs are really really cheap.

Another thing I have as an option for some more carbs is cheerios (cereal). They’re a pretty nice snack and can easily be another 500 calories or something like porridge. A litre of semi skimmed milk is about 500 calories too and costs me £1.

All in all I’d say I could easily eat at least 3000+ calories each day, without any supplements, spending about £50 (80 Australian dollars) a week and that’s with my bad shopping habits. I’m sure I could cut it down £10 or £20 if I tried. If I can do it you definitely can because I’m very lazy and I hate cooking. Like I said I’m working on it still myself but I hope this helps.

Oh and also a lot of the stuff I get like meat and milk I can’t buy in bulk because I have extremely limited fridge and freezer space.

Look up big on a budget by animal on YouTube, there’s some really helpful videos.


Kangaroo loins packed with protein.


In Australia too and all the ideas given above are spot on.

Rice (buy it in bulk for best price) I got a 5 kilo sack of basmati rice the other day for next to nothing.
tinned tuna (homebrand in spring water is cheapest)
ground beef or ground turkey are usually the cheapest meat and often they do deals where if you buy 2 packs it cheaper.
Sometimes they have lamb legs or pork shoulder on special, cook these real slow and then break the meat off and its a great protein choice
Beans (kidney, broad beans etc etc) are cheap and a good source of protein and fiber
Potatoes are cheap and if you can be bothered they are easy to grow and then they are free.
Veggies - they usually do bags of mixed veggies real cheap especially if they are getting a bit tired.

I just chop up what ever veg is there and add it to the meat and make a garbage can chilli, basically 1k ground meat, some spices, couple of tins of beans, couple of tins of tomatoes and every bit if veg all chopped up. This will last a few days when added with a couple of cups per rice for each meal and it hits all your macro’s.


Cheers very helpful advice everyone! Thanks


Tbh i am contemplating drinking two litres of milk a day


I very nearly added at the end just go a gallon of milk a day, at $1 a litre its pretty cheap.


True i wonder how itd affect health though because drinking two litres is easy as hell and alot of calories and protein + alot of fat


its only 3.4g fat per 100ml so 2 litres will give you 68g of fat, if the rest of your diet is clean and you train hard you should be fine.


Student here too.
I’m in China so I have no idea the price in Australia.
But My list is:
Chicken breast(The cheapest high quality protein here)
Brown Rice(In China brown rice is way much cheaper than rice cuz we have so many kinds of rice and many of them have pretty good taste but I like the taste of brown rice)
Milk(Skimmed,Semi-Skimmed,I dont usually drink whole-fat milk)
Fresh Vegetables and Fruit(Depends on budget, sometime it gets more expensive than Chicken breast)
Oatmeal(All kinds of ,except instant.That’s shit–Only my personal opinion)

That’s all I eat everyday.
Pretty Cheap and it’s a very clean diet.
Take at least 1g protein per bodyweight and leave the rest to carbs and moderately fat.
Although you do need to take high calories cuz you’r 15, I still suggest you to keep it clean(less saturated Fat is enough if you have no idea how to keep it your diet clean but sufficient)
BTW, If you don’t take vegetables and fruit.Get a Multi-Vitamin.


What the other Aussies said. Also oats, cheap as anything if you buy the Woolies brand. Minced beef is cheap usually, so are pork legs. Chicken, not in comparison but look out for sales.


How much does crappy ground beef (15% or above in fat) cost in Aussieland?


Around 4.5 AUD per kilo. Very cheap.


Well, there’s the best protein source for Duke.

Ask your mom to buy you pounds of crappy ground beef. Just don’t eat any added fat except omega-3 sources.

Crappy ground beef, white rice, whatever vegetables and starchy root vegetables you can find. Cheap and easy to cook.

GOMAD works too.


Thanks everyone


Good recipes?
Iv gotten a bulk bag of rice 5kg, lots of chicken legs and veggies, potatoes, oats


Also i dont know what to have for recess at school and afterschool i was thinking just make a shit tonne of chicken and fried rice and eat that three times a day olus whatever i have for breakfast and what my mum makes for dinner