Cheapest Brand?

Is Omnitrope the cheapest brand of prescription GH?

How did you get a prescription for it? Did you test low?

Yes, from 4-5 different doctors actually. I resisted so continued seeing various doctors, and they all independently prescribed it…too long of a story to get into, doctors nearly killed me with botched surgeries, internal infections, over medication of numerous anti biotics and conflicting high dose pain meds, psych meds, digestive narcotics, etc. Was pure hell.

Sorry I can’t be of help with HGH but I would love to know how the treatment goes. I couldn’t find a Dr. within 300 miles of here that would prescribe that stuff. Please keep us informed…Sorry to hear what you went through …

If you need it, its a miracle…if you do not, I would never want to have to take it. HRT is a life changer but if I did not need it no way would I want to have to be on all this stuff. Natural was much easier, than all you worry about is what food you are eating and your workouts. I was way stronger, healthier, and felt a million times better being all natural. Then after my medical issues HRT was a life changer, made me able to be productive again and have a decent quality of life.

So I think anyone you talk to will say if they needed HRT (whatever hormones that involves) it is a beautiful thing and its nuts that mainstream medical care does not advocate it over unnatural harsh medications/drugs of all other sorts with nasty side effects. I think over time things will change, very slowly. If you have HRT needs someday more doctors will be savvy at doing it right. I have friends who need it, but get bush league doctors who do not know how to balance their hormones and make matters worse.