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Cheapest Bands in Canada?


Hey guys,
does anyone in canada have any recommendations on where to order a set of bands from? I'd like to get he band pack from EFS, but the shipping is crazy. Where did you canadians order your bands from?


Just a couple I know of


http://www.fitshop.ca/en/fitness-equipment/bands_tubing/index.html *coupon for the weekend HelloJune gets you 10% off



Thanx for the links! I've been wanting to get some bands for some time, but I find the price ridiculously high for little pieces of rubber. Must cost them like 25 cents to make those in China!


Those are GREAT links, thanks for the help. Any ideas on a good, cheap dragging sled in canada? I'm looking for something really simple that can be used to sprinting.


Where are you located in Canada?


Nova Scotia, any ideas?


here's what I got going on. FREE tire and a $10 tow strap.


Well, two things. You might try to locate any of the strongman competitors where you live. Odds are one of them makes equipment, ie metalwork. That's where I got mine, from a strongman who was a welder. I don't know if Nova Scotia has a strongman forum but you could always ask on the Ontario board if anyone knows where to get some equipment out your way.

Or just take a picture of a sled you like with the dimensions into a local metal shop and ask them to build it. I can't imagine it costing too much for a bent piece of steel with a post welded to the middle.


Corey Hart I think


Exactly. Also, there was an article about how to make a sled on the cheap pretty recently: