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Cheapest Alpha-Stim 100 Unit??

Hey, guys. I was wondering where I might be able to find THE CHEAPEST alpha-stim 100 unit that Shugart wrote about in his artice. I know that painsolutions.com has a pretty good offer, but I just wanted to hear from everyone that either purchased one or is considering purchasing one, and what kind of deal you found. Thanks!

Racer, it is very easy to get a good deal on the Alpha-Stim. There is an intense underground competition between sellers. After reading the article, my dad decided to buy one. I contacted two sellers and went back and forth between them until the price settled at $525. That is almost $300 of savings. Just type in “Alpha-Stim” on a search engine and email the two sellers you are most comfortable with, and go from there. Or you can simply contact one and say that you had already ordered an Alpha-Stim for $550 (or lower) but was wondering if they could beat that price. There are many ways to get a bargain on an Alpha-Stim. Just find your style.