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Cheaper Alternative


I fill my script at a local grocery pharm, and with my pins, and 1 vial, I'm paying $95 after insurance WTF? I can get it cheaper without a script! I know the peace of mind of it being legit, and legal this way, but c'mon. Are there any online alternatives that take scripts, and insurance thaat might save some $$? feel free to message me.



Sorry, this belongs in the TRT forum!


You can buy slin pins off Amazon for like $13 for a box of 100. Doesn't get much cheaper than that.

As for Test, I haven't found it for less than $60/vail (at Costco). Would be very surprised if you could find it cheaper. That's the price you pay for pharmaceutical grade (that isn't stolen).


^^^That is for 10 mL Vial @ 200mg/mL, btw....not a bad deal considering that will last me 16+ weeks. That comes out to less than $4/week.


That sounds more like it! My pins only run me $5, so I'm getting banged $90 for a 10ml vial. I'm going to check some other pharms in my area.