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cheap supplements in uk

Just a quick post to see if anyone in the uk (or elsewhere for that matter) knows where to get cheap biotest supplements? cheapest i’ve found and used so far are from affordablesupplements.co.uk. If anyone has found cheaper could they let me know?
cheers STU K



cheers Kahuna, looks like you’re using the same suppliers as me to get the goods! pitty we can’t get a hold of them at the same price as the yanks

I hear you bro. Prices in europe are ridiculous. I’m in Amsterdam so have to pay extra shipping, or pick up bulk supplies when I come over every couple of months. I love surge, but have started making my own postworkout mix because surge was costing me 50 quid a container to ship here. I now get about 45 servings for the same price as ten of surge. Sure it tastes like shit but I can live with that. Have also tried ZMA, powerdrive and tribex, but they all didn’t do much for me.


They are well cheap for Mag-10, well for the UK anyway, can be bought for ?65 if you get their discount structure right (upto 35% if over ?500, but normally 20-25%)
Good luck geezer!!