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Cheap Suplements and Cottage Cheese

I have a quick opinion question for y’all. If you had to choice 2-3 cheap supplements for bulking (broke college student) what would they be?
Next, I’ve been reading about the importance of gastrointestinal health. I take a lot of fiber in, but I feel it doesn’t really do anything. I also drink a lot of water. I’ve always had problems with this. I’m trying a internal cleansing program right now - it seems to be helping a lot. I’ve also been reading about pro-biotics and how they promote healthy intestinal flora.

I’m limited to my college meal plan, and i don;t have a car to go shopping. They have vanilla (really sweet) yogurt, and cottage cheese. They both have live cultures as far as I know. I was wondering if there was a huge difference in which one to pick. I know cottage cheese has better macro-nutrient properties, but how does it compare culture-wise? I;m just thinking of how to maintain healthy GI health, once im off the cleanse. Thanks in advance.

For supplements I would get a high quality fish oil like Flameout, and a quality protein powder (Metabolic Drive is great, but Grow! Whey probably fits your budget better). After that I would say a PWO drink like Surge or creatine.

If the yogurt is the flavored crap it is loaded with sugar and I would probably skip it. Pro-biotic supplements are cheap enough if you wanted to compensate.

How long does your cleansing cycle last?

I would pick the cottage cheese over yogurt anyday. Like AK said Most yogurts are loaded with sugars and some have aspartame in it. Which doesn’t promote gastroinestinal health.

Protein Powder
Creatine Monohydrate
BCAA’s/Fish Oil

Same as those guys. Cottage cheese is WAY healthier than most yogurts. Mix it with a half scoop or scoop of whey, toss in bananas and a little honey, cinnamon or whatever, good to go.

Protein (Biotest’s stuff lives up to the hype)
Fish oil

In that order. Maybe creatine depending on situation/goals.

Forget all the other pills and powders. Spend it on food.