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Cheap Recipes Using Basics


Looking for Recipe ideas using stuff like rice,veggies, potatoes,eggs,oats for breakfast,whatever meat, and just high protein and large quantities of food to get calories in. i dont have a very vadt knowledge of cooking .


ground beef is the easiest and cheapest way to get a ton of protein and calories in. You can chuck in a load of vegetables, too.

Something like

-big pack of ground beef

and whatever seasonings you want. Eat it with whatever carb source you want.


Cheers i like makin up a big pot of spagghetti bog , what i mainly use mince for atm


Follow this formula:

Protein + veggies + carb.

Cook the protein first, add the veggies, and serve it over the carb. Vary the seasonings or find some inexpensive prepackaged or jarred sauces you can add.

For instance, chicken thighs with carrots and red onion served with fingerling potatoes. Pork sausage browned with yellow onion and braised cabbage with rice. Pork chops with onion and apples and spaghetti squash.

Vegetables - especially root vegetables - are cheap. Ask you grocer when they usually put their meat on sale and purchase your meat then. I’ve recently purchased packs of 20 oz of pork sausage for $1.49, 14.75 oz cans of salmon for $3 (100g of protein per can), and a 33 oz pork shoulder for $5.99.

For breakfast eggs, oats, and sausages are your friend. Don’t forget to eat plenty of greens for fiber.


Barley is a great substitute for rice too. Don’t know the why or the what of it, but I always feel great after eating it.