cheap pwo meal

My budget is limited at the momement so I cant afford Surge at the moment. I am trying to find a cheap pwo meal that works. Right now I use a scoop gatorade powder and a whey protien shake immediately after w/o and then another gatorade and chix breasts an hour after that. once I can afford the good supps I will use then but for now some feedback would be great.

sounds like you got it about right for a tight budget. I might drop the gatorade from the second meal and go for a whole food carb source, or even keepm the gatorade and add some more FOOD.

This is decent, however, you will find that Gatorade isn’t ideal. You can acquire dextrose online for way cheaper than Gatorade powder, and its better. As far as cheap protein, you only get what you put in. Make sure you are getting your whey protein from a reputable source.

Is GROW too much for your budget?

phill, lucid,
Thanks for getting back to me on this. The protien I use is prolab and sometimes optinum nutrition. If you have a site that you know of that I can get the dextrose from that would help alot also. Thank you very much.

Dextrose can be found in drugstores under baby food (baby sugar). Remedia’s Dextromed for instance.

i just posted a pwo meal that i eat sometimes, if you need a new idea. It is called mexitalian tuna casserole

you can find dextrose and maltodextrin even at home brewing stores. Also up here in canada, dunno bout the states, you can get it at bulk barn, they call it corn sugar there, but it’s just dextrose

Chad Waterbury… 2 bananas, 1/2 cup raisins, 32oz Gatorade with 40 grams whey mixed in and another 40 grams of whey with water all consumed over the course of an hour or so. Any order as long as you do some carbs and protein together… Example: 1/4 cup raisins, 1 banana 16oz Gatrorade/whey mix. Then repeat next hour.

Just get some dextrose from a grocery or health food store and Use Whey Protein, Check your PM.

Do chicken and rice for your PWO meal 2.