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Cheap Protein Sources


Lets start a helpful thread for people on a budget by listing cheap (but good) food soures of protein; i.e. brand, g of protein, price etc.

Sainsburys: 2ltr 1% fat milk (orange top), 60g protein - £1!
Basics Corned Beef 315g, 80g protein, £1.15


2 x 250g Cottage Cheese £1.20

26g Protein per tub.

@ 0.60p per tub and 26g protein in it, we get.....

0.02p per 1g of protein.



come on guys this ain't a two man show!

Sainsburys basics eggs (free range) box of 6, 9g of protein per egg: 86p, gets 54g


Can't really contribute much since I don't really look at the prices. I normally just go for store brand (tesco's simply value, sainsbury's basics etc). Low fat cereals (again store brand) for cheap refeed and post workout meal menu.

And recently I bought some Quarks for half price at Sainsbury's. About 24g of protein per tub with low carb and fat.


Sainsburys Line caught Tuna Steaks in Spring Water;

41g pro x 4 tins £3.48

@ 0.87p per Tin you get....

0.02p per 1g of protein.



Well, if you're going to do this, do it right. You have to standardize your measurements.

So you can't just say x-grams of protein for y-random amount of money. You need to say: x-grams of protein per $1 (or pound, or Euro, or whatever currency you standardize it with).

I did this years ago. Gram-per-gram, whey is about as cheap as it gets.

Even a scoop of low-carb Metabolic Drive - pricey for a protein formulation - is a pretty good deal.

What's a scoop of whey.... $.25 if you buy in bulk for 25 grams? That's a $.01 per gram.

If each scoop is a dollar, and there are 20 grams per serving, then your price-per-gram is $.05.

Cottage cheese - at least where I'm from - prices out very expensively per gram.


Lanas Egg Whites - 8.5 lbs of liquid egg whites for $45.


Liver: 2 bucks a pound.





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Whey concentrate


I'm talking average people.

The thing is, all my meat and innards are free, obviously. But I still have to go out and buy fruits, veggies, rice, potatoes, etc.


Lifes a bitch. All jobs got their ups and downs.


I envy you. All sorts of mysterious gastronomical phenomena occur when I have more than a few grams of this stuff. But still, isolate protein powder is cheap as hell.

Taking pieces of meat with me from the school's cafeteria is pretty cheap too...


Maybe you just need to try a different brand...? I used to have that same problem, but since I switched to Biotest's Grow Whey and trueprotein, I don't have a problem consuming 6 scoops per day. Saves a TON of money.

On the flip side, I recently decided to try out another brand and went for the "All the Whey" concentrate...which brought those symptoms you mentioned right back.

So there's always something to be said for which brand you use as far as I'm concerned.


Sainsbury's Sardines. 44p a can, around 20g protein, 10g healthy fats etc a gram omega 3 I think without lifting it out of the bin.


Here's what I use.


ONs Whey is very economical IMO. Whole food sources for me: beef/mutton, chicken, milk/cheese and nuts.


sardines (ASDA):24p, 20g protein, 10g good fats (i would think, can't be sure though exactly), 83g protein per £1.

cottage cheese (ASDA): 37p, 24g protein, 65g protein per £1.

beef (ASDA): £2, 110g protein, 55g protein per £1. Tis 45% fat though, i.e. 8g fat per 100g meat, doesn't bother me though.

tuna (sainsbury's): 55p, 28-30g protein, 51-54g protein per £1.

Eggs (ASDA)£1.50, 100g protein, 67g protein per £1. Assuming eating whole eggs, plenty of good fats and nutrients aswell.

Glad i actually worked it out now, cos now i know whats cheapest. I was gonna put chicken on the list but its relatively expensive compared to the above (42g protein per £1).

Any of you guys go LIDL or Netto or anywhere like that, is there any good deals there?