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Cheap protein powders

Why do I get the shits on most cheaper brands of protein powder drinks than the more expensive ones? Im tired of going back to the toilet.Does anyone have any suggestions why this happens?

Probably because the cheaper ones are 100% whey protein - this is crap unless you are using as a post workout drink. A blend is ALWAYS better, both in digestion and overall nitrogen retention. MetRX has known this little concept for 8 years (or so), Biotest Grow is a mix, even EAS learned enough to mix proteins. Any supplement company (like Designer Protein) that tells you Whey is the best if full of shit. Also, look at the PER rating of proteins not the BV rating, the BV rating is not accurate.

Whey Protein Concentrate is cheap as dirt. That’s what’s usually in cheaper powders… either that or soy, which aside from other serious problems is usually pretty hard to digest. Whey isolates are more expensive low in lactose (unlike concentrate), so it’s much easier to digest. These might be the sources of your problems. I don’t think that a single form of protein on its own should be hard to digest for any reason considering that most people do well with straight whey isolate.