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Cheap Protein Powder


I'm in a tight situation right now, with everything behind financially (every source of my money decided to start fucking with me all at the same time). I was wondering how useful cheap protein powder from, say, Walmart is. I know it isn't "high quality" or whatever, but I'm just about out of my Optimum Nutrition stuff, so I need a resupply pretty quickly. I can imagine that some cheapo shit will save me like ten bucks. Is that worth it?


I spose the cheaper it is the more carbs its gonna have, thats usually the main difference but also is it soy or whey?
soy is usually alot cheaper but its shit.


if you cant afford 100% whey, then switch to egg protein. there are some cheap ones out there and they are okay.


The WalMart shit is just fine. I use the BF 'Advanced' blend PWO and can't say anything bad about it when compared to other "higher quality" (more expensive) protein powders (of which I have tried many).

I buy the rest of my whey in bulk, but the WalMart stuff tastes good, mixes well and is very affordable.


the walmart shit is like $20 for 2 lbs and on is about 45 for 5 lbs. The BF and sixstar suck in my opinion, I have been in the same boat and figure the on is still cheaper in the long run.


So why not just eat more eggs and meat?


I ordered ON whey gold standard last week. For the price it's an awesome protein. Read the order of ingredients the back, it's really good stuff. For the price of 2 Walmart tubs you can get 75 servings of ON.

Also last week was the first time I've tried Surge Recovery. Wow, the original flavor taste good. This may sound weird but Its almost become a reward for going to the gym and busting my ass. By far the best protein I've ever bought.

I got the SWF as well but havent felt the need to use it yet. I'm going to save it for another week or so till I'm a little more conditioned.


I can get a 5 lb bag of eas whey from Sam's Club (walmart wholesale) for $30, better than 45$ everywhere else.


Hell yeah, eas is great & it is ridiculously cheap 29+ a lil tax at my sams club


EAS is $29 plus a little for the Governor at Costco also.....I like it !!


Yeah Costco sells a 6 lbs bag of the vanilla and chocolate EAS. They also sell a really good looking, cleaner Muscle Milk that is basically casein and whey without all the vitamins and fat added for about $20 (2 lbs).


Wait until you try the chocolate Surge... it tastes like chocolate milk. So damn good. Even my girlfriend who hates protein drinks likes it.


Just eat regular food.


I buy the 10 pound bags of ON whey, it is like 77 dollars, and pretty decent quality stuff.


It's $11 bucks for 2lbs where I am.


When i was living in MA i used to buy 10lbs of ON Whey Conc. a month. Absolutely fine.


I think for the price, ON is the best whey protein I've ever bought. I wish I would've bought the 10lb bag instead of the 5lb tub.


Dentfixer wrote:

Yeah Costco sells a 6 lbs bag of the vanilla and chocolate EAS.

R u sure it is 6lbs??
Because if so, Im going to start giving money to my friend to get it for me


Costco. 6lbs. $30. Best deal out there.


It's 77 servings. I was going to buy a bag but decided the extra 15$ for ON Gold was a better value for the quality. Looking at the ingredients, I think BF from Walmart is better than EAS from Costco. I could be wrong though.