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Cheap Place for Top Down Bottom Up Blinds?

I know I’m gonna get bashed for this post on blinds. But I could care less. Since I bought this new house a couple months ago I have so many ?'s for home owners…I figured I’d ask my T-Nation brothers for advice. Since I’m sure most of you are home owners.

I’m looking for a place to buy top down bottom up cordless blinds. Need 2 , 16.5"x58.5" and 1 , 58.5"x58.5". looking for cordless top down bottom up. preferably honey comb / cellular material. went to a few places aka budget blinds , jcpenny home depot. so far home depot has the best deal for around 560$ + tax. anyone else have any leads?

Are you comfortable ordering online?

YourBlinds.com lets you put in your measurement and type and price range with a lot to choose from.