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Cheap Paleo?

Is it possible to eat a Paleo diet while not spending so much money? Meat is not always inexpensive.

Liver/offal. Cut my weekly meat bill by £10 since switching from chicken legs - the next cheapest i could get

Go to farmer’s markets for produce and then buy your meats at costco, trader joes etc.

What is “so much money”? Eating good food isn’t going to be cheap. You get what you pay for.

If you’re not goin “grass fed free range cage free” with your meats then you should be ok. You can find chicken breasts for $1.97 a lb. 3lbs is $5 and that’s over 225 g of pro. Eat a dozen eggs $1.99 and right there for protein you’re at around 300 for $7 a day… And 300g of pro is probably overkill.

Mix in salads, nut oils and other veggies and you can get your groceries for probably $10-12 a day. That’s $300-360 a month with a very high protein intake.

It doesn’t have to be expensive. If you focus on quality, you may have to sacrifice quantitiy in order to save money. That said, quality and quantity on Paleo is not cheap.

Get a used large freeer and go in with someone to buy a cow. I pay $7/lb for pastured beef at the store, when a client and me went in on a cow I got a 1/4 cow for $170, which included 15# of ground beef among tons of steaks.