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Cheap P/C/F?

Normally there are posts asking what supplements others think the poster should prioritze in their low budget. I’m asking what FOODS I should prioritize in my low budget. Where’s the most bang for my buck - while staying with or near natural/whole foods - in proteins, carbs, and fats? When I say low budget, I’m saying I can count on $125 a month for food.

A couple staples I’ve found are pinto beans, eggs, bananas, bread, and cottage cheese. I’m not sure where to focus my money to cover P/C/F while maintaining respectable caloric intake. Suggestions for everything will be greatly appreciated.

Chipotle burrit…did I just say that? ‘Ahem’ I mean chicken, oatmeal, and tuna in moderation is really good/cheap. Also various nuts.

The best advice I can give you is to be a smart shopper.

Look for sales on good Protein/Carb items.

Find out what time the butcher reduces the price on meat that is about to expire.

I get ads every sunday and check them all for sales. I also make sure to cut out any coupons that I might use.

NEVER BUY ANYTHING AT GNC!! Use the Internet for 1/2 price on protein shakes/bars.