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Cheap motorcycle insurance

Looking at buying a new bike and want to know if anyone out there knows of a good company to get a quote for insurance. My driving record is spotless and I have had my motorcycle license for 16 years (since I was 16 years old).
Oh, looking at getting a sportbike (new ZX-10 or R-1).
Thanks bros!

I just sold my sport bike. I had a Honda CBR 600 F4i. Sweet bike and fairly cheap to insure with full coverage. I had great success with Progressive. There arent too many insurance companies that even insure sport bikes anymore. You might be able to find something local that is realtively cheap. Otherwise just find a few and compare, you will get a decent rate at your age.

I go thru Dairyland County Mutual for full coverage on my ZR-7 and it’s only $322 a year. I don’t know if they insure outside of Texas though.

Although having your licence for 16 years will help some, insurance companies look more to number of years insured as a motorcycle rider. In fact if you drop your motorcycle insurance even for a couple months (ie. sell a bike in the fall to buy a new one in spring) they will put you back as a newly insured biker. I tell anyone who is planning on selling a bike and buying a new one within a few months to keep their insurance even though they don’t have the bike. State Farm has great rates, but you need to have other stuff insured with them. In general you will get a better deal if you have other stuff (car and home) insured with the company. Beware though, many companies won’t insure sport bikes over 600cc’s.
Any 1 liter sport bike is going to cost you top dollar. Get an R6 instead of an R1 as it will be cheaper and there really is’nt much you can do on an R1 you can’t do on an R6. Shit, an R6 will do 160mph, how much faster do you need to go. Better yet avoid Japanese bikes and go European for some uniquness. Get a Triumph or go Italian with a Ducati or an Aprilla. I love ridin my duc with all my buddies on their Jap bikes. The sound and looks leave their bikes unnoticed and while I lose a little top end to a Jap bike, it out handles any in the twisties and that’s what ridings all about.

An R-1 as your first bike! Expect to pay a lot.

I am awaiting a callback from Dairyland (Sentry) now. My roomate said the same thing. Geico quoted me $1400 per year which is insane since I have the maximum amount of positive points on my license. What a rip!

I was actually considering a Speed Triple instead. I have ridden Duc’s, Guzzi’s, and Triumphs before and they definately have more character but I really am not into a whole lot of wrench turning all the time. I just have the fever for either a big sportbike or a sport naked. The Speed Triple has an assload of torque and probably more fun on the twisties and is just under 1000 cc’c so the insurance may be less. Thanks for your input.

Insurance for what? If you say you’re a good driver, the premiums you would pay over the years would likely be way more than the cost of replacing your bike. The only damage you’ll do to anything besides your body and bike are minimal at best. Just my thought on the matter.

As far as nakeds go, I like the new Honda Hornet. The nakeds will save you some dough in the long run and are more comfy to boot.

Musclehed: your point on the wrench turning is well taken as european bikes due tend to be a little more work and cost a little more in maintenance. The speed triple would be great though…I love the look of that bike. As a monster rider (m900) I’m obviously a huge fan of the naked sport and think it a wise choice for the road. Better comfort, visibility and just as much real world control as a pure sport. In fact I would argue, unless your track groomed, you have more control on in the upright position. Given your valid reasons for avoiding Euro bikes and possibly thinking standard sport over racing sport, I would consider the FZ1, buell xb9 or xb12, honda hornet, or Z1000. I’ve ridden all on test days and enjoyed each. I was’nt a huge fan of the suzuki bandit(1200) although the sv1000 was nice. My absolute favourite Jap standard is the VFR 1000 however. It has a half fairing, a v-twin engine and goes well, but is still comfy for touring and is cheap to pick up used.

Credit is the #1 determinant in most companies’ underwriting criteria so regardless of your driving history, credit (along with lots of other factors) affect your rates. One company may have generally competitive rates in one area and not in another, so you can’t compare your rates to anybody else’s.

Apayne - insurance isn’t just about your bike, it’s about social responsibility to others. A bike can cause just as big a pileup if people start swerving and bouncing off one another as any other type of vehicle. Think about it.