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Cheap Milk/Ice Cream in Ames Iowa


Just so yall know, half gallons of whole milk and cartons of icecream are 99 cents at the local grocery store.

Get swole,



They have to find someway to keep people living in that shithole


Whatever, this is America's heartland, salt of the earth people and all. Love it or leave it!

You're probably from New Jersey, ya chowda head.


Yeah, but the waiver they make you sign says that you'll promise to stop fornicatin' with the milk cows.


Ames sucks




I was born in des moines, Iowa :slight_smile:


I was born in Kansas city, Kansas but lived in slater till I was almost 5. Both my parents went to Iowa state but I am a hawkeye fan and I get some shit for that living in Columbus even on campus at ohio state. Des Moines is allright they just got an australian rules football team which is the greatest sport ever. Check out usfooty.com to see if your city has a team. The new teams this year are Des Moines and Sacramento.


If you are in Iowa City, shouldn't you be out stabbing someone?


No, sometimes they commit rape or study for their com sci major classes.


Lol, you do kind of look like a big cornfed sumbitch, now that I think about it.


wouldn't it be raping women, getting drunk underage, or being from the suburbs?

I'm actually from near Ames, so most of my friends go to Iowa State. A nice town if you are fifty, just not the most happening place for college IMO.




Why are you hatin' on New Jersey?


Seems like a hatable place. Stereotypes are fun!

You weren't on an episode of TrueLife jersey Shore where you?


This post made me laugh out loud.




lmao, this thread is good.


I'm all the way down in Burlington.