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Cheap Meat? Love Me Some Beef

Wondering about what sort of recommendations you lovely lads have about cheaper choices for meat? Im not too worried about fattier cuts of meat, but obviously no pork belly or ribs and whatnot.

Right now I’ve been eating ground beef ($13/kg), ground Turkey ($10/kg), lamb forequarter chops ($6/kg), whole chickens ($7/kg), chicken thighs ($6.50/kg), whole lamb leg ($10/kg) and basa fillets ($8/kg).

Im mostly wondering about cuts of beef that are cheaper, like oxtail, cheek, chuck, shin or even organ meats. What kind of experience do you lot have with these?

Edit: dollar values are AUD. To convert from USD or GBP to AUD pretty much multiply by 1.5. To go from AUD to USD or GBP multiply by around 0.7

Ground pork is amazing. We buy it from a local farmer that treats the pigs well. Mix it half and half with ground beef to stretch the beef and really improve the flavor.

Liver, hands down.

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How do you usually cook liver @MarkKO ?

Chop it up into inch cubes, sprinkle with rock or sea salt, chilli paste/Franks/Tabasco and of you like lemon juice and/or crushed garlic. Heat olive oil in a pan on high-medium heat and chuck the liver in. Cook until it’s just done.

Cheers @MarkKO @Basement_Gainz

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Is that beef liver? Do you serve it on rice or something?

I’m not sure if I’ve ever had liver but I would be keen to give it a go.

Any liver. Serve it however you like, I treat it the same as any other meat.

It’s all in how you cook it. My absolute favourite is a roast shoulder - of anything. But cook oxtail up like you would a fillet and you’re gonna have a bad time. Long and slow is key to most cheap cuts.

PS. Grilled chicken heart skewers are pretty tasty.

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Will add beef heart. Get a well sharpened knife and cut the paracardium, valves and ventricles out and you have the leanest meat ever.

The butcher gave me a vinegar based marinade recipe for the heart to soften the meat up enough to grill. Delicious.

Can’t stomach liver though.

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My local supermarket sells lamb hearts, going to give this a shot. Thanks for sharing.

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I literally get liver free from local farmers when I’m buying other meat.

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I wish I could bring myself to eat liver, but it’s just so fucking gross. There’s this awesome mediterranean butcher just down the road and it has all the organ meat you could imagine. If I could eat the shit I’d be golden.

I guess I just have to take the plunge one day.


Ease yourself in. Get some lamb chunks, preferably on the bone. Chop onion. Fry the liver and lamb with the onion and some chilli and plenty of salt. In a separate pot fry sauce some more onion. Then add some kidney or butter beans, crushed tomatoes, fresh tomatoes and curry powder. Be liberal with the salt. Cook come rice.

Bed of rice, bean stew, then the meat. You’re welcome.

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