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Cheap Mass Gaining Foods?


I'm on a limited budget and wanna bulk big time.
I was just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to buy cheap and get large...
i understand its going to be more expensive than the norm, it doesn't have to be ultra cheap but was just curious as to any cheap items which I could buy in bulk.


Awesome thread idea--nothing has been written about this on this website. Ever.


well - whats cheap in new zealand? hobit?


Ground beef
Ground turkey
Olive oil
Standard 80% protein concentrate
Cottage cheese (doubt you can get it in bulk, though)

Add some fruit, frozen vegetables, some nuts and a collection of spices and you're set.

Also, all the things mentioned in the 50 or so other threads on the topic.



Eggs, top round steak, rice, olive oil...





these should help you on you way.


Tinned tuna...tinned tuna...tinned tuna(burp)...tinned tuna etc


Big box of frozen chicken at Costco.


How about old fashioned Milk :slight_smile: whole or 2% should do it. Protein, Vitamins, Calories milk has it all.


Beans. They're so underrated IMO. Cheap as shit, easy to cook, got protein, low GI carbs, high fiber... a magical fruit indeed! Just be sure to pair it with some Beano for the safety of others and quite possibly yours as well. Your stomach will get better at digesting it as you continue to eat them.


How about the fact that the pasteurisation process detroys most the vitamins and the good bacteria plus the milk contains hormones and likely antibiotic traces? Organic? Sure, we believe you diary farmers...still pasteurised anyway.


Yep, sometimes it's hard to lure them out of those tiny houses though..


Most foods are altered in one way or the other. Even water isnt just water.


True, and I drink a little milk myself. But I'm not going to drink a gallon of the shit a day as a 'mass gaining food'. Much of the 'mass' I'd be likely to gain longterm would be in the form of gyno bitch tits(okay exageration but you get my point).


Last time I drank shitloads of milk all the extra mass was in the form of zits on my back....




Lots of calories, lots of protein (drink water, lots of sodium), lots of taste.