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Cheap Jiu Jitsu Pants?


Does anyone know of a site or company that sells jiu jitsu bottoms reasonably cheap?
I train no gi. And like to go from shorts to bottoms sometimes.


budovideos has white pants for 29.95. Fuji brand


My friends in the US (on another forum) all swear by kodokangear, I've sent a couple of emails to vinh, the guy who runs the store, and he's a top bloke.

If he doesn't actually have just the pants listed on the site, send him an email, he'll probably be able to help you out.



Dunno, check around on-line shops. On-line tends to have some of the best prices. My sister order her Gi and stuff all the time on-line.


GI's are like tattoos...good ones aren't cheap and cheap ones aren't good. I've ripped many a training partners GI's rolling with them. Mine looks nearly brand new after 2.5 years of heavy rolling. Animal Fightwear FTW!


Catalogninja.com ?

Really cheap ones don't last


Google is telling me the site is unsafe... any thoughts?

Sooner or later, I'm going to have to breakdown and get a real Gi (right now I have two el cheapo Judo gis, since my focus is no-gi).


yes...they got hacked a few weeks ago and are working on a new site (which is why I didnt post a link). I got mine through my school. Their site will be back in action in a few weeks. Heres their myspace (its as safe as myspace can be)