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Cheap Food for Tight Budget


Hey guys,
I was wondering what those who live away from home (e.g. collage or university) do get all their food (mainly protein) on a cheap budget? I'm currently studying away from home an my wallet is a bit thin at the moment, so I was curious as to any cheap and nutritionally healthy foods that you guys buy. As I'm trying to gain size I assume things like peanut butter (high in calories) would be useful and its pretty cheap. Its a bit tough for me to buy steak all the time with my allowance and most of the other students eat like shit (e.g. 2min noodles, maccas, lollies).
So yea any advice or idea's would be great


Ground beef, eggs, broccoli, potatoes, rice, eggs, lamb, most birds, eggs, and more eggs.


if you are good with dairy milk, cottage cheese, greek yoghurt.

can you get to an aldi store? they have cheap fish. tinned tuna for less than $1 per can. wild pacific salmon. their frozen fish is pretty good, too.


white rice, milk, pb, tuna all pretty cheap


If you go to the grocery store a couple times a week, usually you can get really good deals on meat that is near expiring (you won't die...they are over-safe with that stuff). If you're poor don't be too picky about what type of meat.

Canned chicken/tuna is really cheap as well.


Beef and lamb liver are cheap and very tasty!


Next to creatine threads, this is probably the most common type of thread made.

One thing that has not been mentioned: cheddar cheese. You can basically put it on any piece of meat and it's pretty calorie dense.


try to buddy up with a restaurant owner, cheap cases of frozen fish/chicken/beef (fresh is about 30% more through the lady i get it through) its not free range/grass fed/organic/whatever but its quantity and cheap. also a great source for veggies. annnnd if youre really lucky you can find a supp store employee to give you the heads up on close to expiry powders etc, this in particular has saved me a fortune the last few years.


Check the price on oats. 345 kcal in 100g (mostly carbs) and it's very, very cheap depending the country.
Brown rice, beans, peanuts and eggs are also cheap choices.


I eat lots of eggs, oats, broccoli and frozen mixed veg, steak and chicken, Oh and milk. I am also on a tight budget so I don't use supplements just whole foods. Buy in bulk so you can get the best value for money. I see you're from Australia, so am I, I shop mostly at ALDI supermarket as they have chicken breasts and rump steak for $9.99kg. It is decent quality as well so try it out.