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Cheap Fish Oils?

 Im excited about Biotest's new fish oil supplement and will be picking some up in the near future. Does anyone know of any decent brands that are cheap and decent quality? Money is tight and I want to get something cheap while still making sure its a good product. thanks guys I appreciate it.


Flameout is pretty cheap for $25.00 American.


Where you from ? If UK, which is less likely, Holland and Barret...250 caps for ?5.99 ($10.44) ?11 ($19.18)off. The composition of each cap is as follows...

Fish Oil 1000mg
of which
EPA 180mg
DHA 120mg
Vitamin E 0.74mg.

That works out at just under 2.4p each or 4.18 cents each. I dunno how much a comparable quality fish would be stateside, but prob not as cheap as this.


I have searched for a great deal of fish oil products and based on the label contents of Flameout, you are wasting your time looking for a cheap interim substitute. It will actually wind up costing you more for the same ingredients and the quality will certianly be lower.

I currently use what I consider to be a high quality/low cost fish oil supplement and I have to take 10 a day to equal Flameout with no CLA.


Optimum Nutrition, NOW Foods, Puritan's Pride, and Kirkland from Costco are all good quality and are cheap.


Kirkland's fish oil is pretty good, specifically because they claim the fish come from the deep ocean, not a farm.


Get the Flameout, just take less. If money is tight you can easily get by on 2 caps a day. Thats all i plan on taking once I run out of my stocked supply of fish oil.


Most fishoils from reputable companies are fine. I get 300 caps for $8 from vitamin shoppe or world or something.


If you need to use fish oil, make sure you can find a lab analysis online. Look for markers of oxidation and heavy metals.

This will show that the company has taken the time and effort to show that their fish (oils) are contaminant free (with is usually indicative of a high quality product in general).

Of course Flameout isn't fish oil, so it raises no such concerns.


That is by no means cheap per se but then again, you could get the benefits of several caps of other brands out of a single cap so worked out like that....


Nope. If you compute how much it will cost to get your target amount of DHA & EPA (say, 3 grams), you will find you have to take a lot of "cheap" capsules.

In my opinion, precious little of the fish oil on the market isn't rancid to some degree, maybe from faulty processing, maybe from storage by the distributor or retailer, who knows.

After trying about 10 brands, I have been very happy with the freshness, quality, and effectiveness of Carlson's The Very Finest Fish Oil (liquid ONLY) purchased from the iherb website. It's $33 for 500 ml which will last 53 days at 3 grams of omega-3s per day (mostly EPA & DHA), which works out to 59 cents per day. This is the cheapest fresh fish oil I have found.

Flameout costs about $1.13 per day for the 3 grams of DHA & EPA. Flameout also has CLA, an altered ratio of DHA/EPA, and capsule delivery.

I have personally been disappointed with the (lack of) freshness of every single capsule product I've tried, even expensive ones like Life Extension and Barry Sears OmegaRx. I have been hoping that Biotest would address that issue better than the other brands, and I'm definitely going to try Flameout.

I want the convenience of capsules for traveling and eating out, but I notice that Biotest recommends refrigerating them after opening the bottle. So I'll probably still be sacrificing freshness to some degree if I throw them in my suitcase or carryon.