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Cheap Deca, Cheap results

Last time I used Deca I foolishly bought a bottle of brovel labs 200mg/ml Deca…ended up using 2 of them. Now is the horrible quality of this product what gave me such bad results?..honestly I didn’t gain alot of muscle…maybe 5-7 pounds over 8 weeks…which would normally be OK except I got worse acne than Dianabol ever gave me…I was very bloated an looked extremely smooth…an lowered my sex drive (talk about a bad time to discover you can’t use the clomid you bought) So I had always heard how great Deca was an I wanted to know did this cycle Suck so bad becuase I used a crappy veternary version of deca…or did the Deca just not agree with my system…also can Deca be effective at 200mg’s a week cause 400 just made me depressed as hell?

The Brovel stuff may be low quality but that doesn’t seem to have been your problem. Since your dosage was high enough to get you depressed-feeling, that’s a strong sign that
it was indeed Deca, and the dose was as much
Deca as you could tolerate or even more. So
another brand of Deca will not be the solution. Deca is just not the anabolic steroid for you.

The acne is unusual but acne can appear at odd times, or perhaps (no-facts speculation here) it could maybe have been due to an impurity.

thanx bill! then why does everyone say test!test! more test!no cycle w/o test… it is funny, one of my last courses, i used enanthate moderately w/ dbol, then switched to deca/ dbol, because i had not yet used it and wanted to see what gains would be like… i gained more… so would it be right to say test is only good in 1gram and upwards dosages? and at what range does it saturate both? like 4g? thanx again bill.

Jake, it doesn’t take a full gram of T
to be useful… a steroid novice can usually
make pretty good gains over 8 weeks with
500 mg/week. Yes, he’d make faster gains
with a gram per week, and another way of
looking at that is that for the same gains
he could have been “on” a few weeks less if
he’d used the higher dose. But the 500 mg
dosage was still useful. It’s the bottom
end of the dosage range I recommend for
a testosterone cycle.

500 mg/week can also usually maintain the gains
of a guy who is say 30 lb over what he could have ever achieved naturally, or maybe even somewhat heavier.

People say “T, T, and more T” I think because, #1, it’s the ONLY steroid that is complete in and of itself, able to give great results in high enough dose even when not stacked with anything; #2, because it and its metabolites
have both androgen-receptor (AR) mediated and
non-AR-mediated activities, no matter what the rest of your stack is, if its deficient in one of those, T can help fill the gap or fill it completely; #3 T is relatively inexpensive; #4, T gives big water weight gains which tend to be confused with muscle gains, which winds up impressing users a little more than they ought to be impressed; #5, it’s cheap and available.

And did I mention, it’s cheap and available? :slight_smile:

well… i beg to differ somewhat bill, about cheap, available, but not totally cheap… i can get most tests out there, but the ones that are cheap are the tornell and brovell products, ahhhkk!!! and then goes to individual amps like sust which can go from 10-15 depending, which most other amps are of the same range… and if u want to do gram or more, then you are taking 4-5 amps/week which can add up quick. and it seems many get counterfeited, like the steris cyp floating around, and now aratest, which seemed to be good product, but ya don’t know what is real or not.