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Cheap Chains?


Anyone know where I can get some cheap chains from? I heard it's cheaper to buy chains from ship websites, and just cut them. I don't know anything about that, though.


go buy a unopend bucket of 3/8 transport chain, itll make a nice set of 5olbs chains. (total)

only cost me 40 bucks but i have my own tools.

so might need some bolt cutters.


Go to a marina and find an anchor store or to a tractor supply store. The thing that is so expensive is the shipping, not the actual chain. You can get 5/8" chain for like 3.50/foot (5 feet is ~25 lbs) at most tractor supply stores if it's ungalvanized. Most cities have them just google around.


This right here. You can find a box of 3/8" chain at Harbor Freight for $50, and its 70lbs worth.


forgot to mention i bought it from a small lumberyard. even haggled the price down abit.


Some places use the chains and will take them near their max load and will have to discard them. If you can find a local business that does that you can probably get them free since you need them for the weight, not strength.


Home of Economy. They even provide the bolt cutters. LOL.


Thanks a lot guys, I'll check it out.