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Cheap Ass Whey Powder?

Ok, so I went to Nutters bulk food and health store today to stock up on some supplements because it was discount Tuesday. I go to get my dextrose, and right beside it is this whey powder in a sealed plastic bag. I check the price, $1.99 for a kilogram, no flavouring or anything, just whey. Now I am fully aware this is not great quality protein, anything I would use post workout or as a major source of protein in my diet. Also, I can’t see it being flour in disguise or anything because it is a bulk food store, they are not selling bodybuilding supplements. However, what do you all think about supplementing some of this into my diet? Even if it yields only a small amount of protein like 60-80% it is damn cheap and I am damn poor! I recall reading a Q&A from Dan Duchaine once with this question years ago in MuscleMedia, and he recommended taking the cheaper wheys, just in slightly higher quantities to compensate for lower yields. Any thoughts? I mean c’mon… it’s less than $1 a pound!!

Dude it is not less than a dollar a pound! A Killogram is 1,000 grams. That is about 40 oz or 2.5lbs MY GOD YOU ARE RIGHT!
However I have never heard of such cheap protein-have it analized at a lab (it will cost you)-if it is fake you know, if it is real you will save millions in supplement expenses!
Also Duchaine has noted really cheap Whey can contain diseases and is very poor quality. Is it Concentrate or what?! A few years ago the cheap wheys were popping up everywhere if I remember right some of it was coming from China in very UN Stererile factories.
I would like to use the Cheap EAS stuff but even that scares me because Patterson said the label claims were off. Remember just because the store is good it doesn’t mean they don’t sell any shitty products or deal witha few low quality manufacturers-you sually get what you pay for.

damn, i wish i could find some cheap protein like that, i use skim milk powder, lots of cheap whey (concentrate?) would be nice