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Cheap Arimidex?


Anybody here know where you can get this stuff for cheaper?
I have your conventional Kaiser Permanente HMO doctor who doesn't believe in measuring estrogen/estradiol levels and just looks at T-levels. Since my T levels are fine, he would just scoff at my request for arimidex.

That given, do you know of cheaper off-shore pharmacies that sell arimidex? The one I know International Anti-Aging systems sells it for $230 for 28 tabs of 1mg. Any place cheaper?

Post here or you can PM me. Thanks.

Help w/ Lab Results and Follow Up Qs

You can get Anastrozole (Arimidex is the brand name) from a research chemicals site much cheaper than you can get it from a pharmacy. It will most likely be in a liquid form as opposed to a tablet, but that actually makes dosing easier.


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Not that I've heard, but I suppose anything is possible. From what I've read it's kind of a gray area. The compounds are legal to purchase for research purposes. Exactly what that means and whether or not someone is legally allowed to perform research on themselves I don't know. You might want to search for some of RainJack's posts (or PM him) as he is affiliated with one of the research chemical companies.


1mg/wk works well for most on TRT.

look for anastrozole at research chemical companies

30 drops per ml.

8 drops EOD during the week and for whatever day falls on the weekend, take 10. That makes 30.

You want E2 in the lower 20's or 17-20 has been stated to be optimal for libido. LEF.org has blood work that you can order on your own. Done by LabCorp, serum E2 test, range 0-53. You can let blood work be your guide for dose adjustments.

A few will over react to anastrozole and may end up on 1/4 or 1/8th of a mg/wk. How to tell? You start the AI, you feel great with increased libido for a brief period, that goes away and you don't feel well. In that situation E2 may be in the single digits. If that happens, do not do blood work. First find a dose that feels decent, then refine with blood work.

If you feel great with one mg/wk, you can do testing after 3 or 4 weeks.

Arimidex/anastrozole can be taken with food or on an empty stomach. It has no known side effects and the effects are limited by the action of reduced E2.


Ok. Just ordered. Dont understand this part of your post. So I should take 10 drops on a weekend day and 8 drops during the week. How does that add up to 30 drops? Please explain this further. There is something I am not understanding. My understanding was indeed that a male should start testing around 1 mg a week. Now should that be divided in .25 mgs 4 times a week or .50 twice a week?

Thanks for any help you can give.


You missed the EOD, every other day, part.

Another way of looking at is is 8 drops 3.5 times per week for 28, and an extra two on whatever EOD is a Saturday or a Sunday.

Are you on TRT? Then 1mg would be a good start until lab work is available. If you are not on TRT, 0.5mg/wk would be better to start.

Adex is a competitive drug, it competes with T at the aromatase enzymes. With more T, you need more adex, less with less. Guys taking gear may need to take 1/4 mg every day.

Adex is the drug of choice for most guys, as it is self limiting in its effects. At some point taking twice as much will not change the E2 levels. So for most, it will not push E2 too low. Femara is to be avoided a small amounts can kill E2 and the dose-response varies wildly from one person to the next. Some have used femara short term to beat down gyno when it shows up; after which one should use adex to keep that situation from happening at all.

Adex at pharmacies is around $9 for 1mg tabs.


OK-how do you know this is a legitimate company. Is it "rat poison" from some other country. Just seems "fishy". Have you ordered from research chemicals? Seems too good to be true, like HGH for sale on the web for cheap.


A great deal of guys here have worked with these companies who have hard earned respect that did not come from killing customers.

The dose-response of these adex products has also been shown to be what one would expect from Arimidex from a pharmacy.

Most hGH on the web is deception and bogus. When its from a site that has repeat traffic from body builders and a good reputation, it will be the real thing. You chances of finding a source of that nature with a search engine is quite remote because of the noise of the garbage sites.

And there are counterfeit bogus prescription drugs in Pharmacies. And there are doctors prescribing things because drug reps tell then too.

No, it is not a simple situation. You have to do your own research and reach your own conclusions.

And for those doing gear, they do not have the option of getting a doctor to script adex. And for guys on TRT, many doctors are ignorant and will not even test E2 levels and they do not think that it has any bearing on well being or effectiveness of TRT/HRT.

Your statement also implies that many on this site who use such products are stupid idiots... that does not go over well. Better in such a situation, to quietly do your own research to discover whats going on about something that you do not understand.


I am not on TRT. My total T levels are fine. So, if I am reading you correctly, then I should take half that amount, so a total of only 15 drops/week, right?

Yes, apparently, I will need to take a couple of those saliva tests from LEF.


I did not mean to offend anyone. I hardly meant to imply that anyone was a "stupid idiot".


I know because I've been dealing with them for years.

It isn't "too good to be true" if you understand the situation. I'm not going to spell it all out here, but if you're interested, you can easily find out the intricacies of drugs vs. research chems.


If you bitch at your Dr. enough you can get them to do anything. Since you go to the HMO they will only do as little as possible but if you go back enough/keep yelling at them they will do it.

Haha I used to have them when I worked for the government so I know your pain!


You may be right about this. Given that we are in Northern California, the Kaiser group tries to appear open to alternative health schemes. The bottom line is money. I suspect that it would be far easier to convince them to test my estradiol level than to give me a arimidex prescription.

By the way, which is more accure for estrogen/estradiol measurement, saliva testing or blood testing?


From here:


"Serum (blood) testing remains the gold standard in fertility, endocrinology and menopause treatment settings."

Just out of curiosity, are you currently on TRT? You say your T levels are "fine" but if the guy telling you that is the same guy telling you that E levels don't matter, then I wouldn't believe anything he says.


Well, the lab test has my Total T levels at 800. I figure that's pretty good for somebody my age (47), isn't it? If not, what do you think optimal Total T levels should be?
I don't know what my Free Testosterone levels are. Is that important? What do people here think?

I have already ordered the liquid arimidex from the source cited in this thread. However, I should probably get the Estrogen measured before using it. I am about due for my yearly physical. Maybe I can ask the doctor to add the E test to my labs. Any other tips you guys use to convince your doctors to do what they probably consider irrelevant tests?



800 is a good level for total T and yes, free T is also good to know as well as Estradiol. It's really the ratio of T to E that gives a better idea of what's going on. Guys with high T can have all the symptoms of low T if their estradiol is also high.

So if your natural T is fine and you don't actually know your estradiol levels, what is making you think you should take an aromatase inhibitor?


My boners are not AS hard as I would like. Not bad, but just not as good as I would like. Also I have noticed my sex drive flagging a bit.

Anyway, I will get a lab done before taking the aromatase inhibitor.
I am getting conflicted reports on whether saliva or blood testing is the way to go.


There is a possible downside to taking the AI that you need to consider.

The human body is a homeostatic system and it will react and try to maintain the balance it has established. In other words, if you take an AI to lower your estradiol, your body will most likely pump out more testosterone AND more aromatase to try and compensate for the "lost" estradiol. This is actually a good thing as long as you keep taking the AI. The problem is if you stop the AI suddenly for any reason, you're going to be left with higher aromatase levels than you currently have and that aromatase will do what it does and your T will go down and your E will go up and for a while, you will be in worse shape than you are now until the old equilibrium returns.

I'm speaking from experience here. Before I started taking T, I did almost a year of AI alone as a sort of run-up to TRT. In my case, the AI worked as hoped and my T went up and my E went down and things were noticeably better for me. But there was a time when I accidentally broke my bottle of AI several days before leaving on a two week business trip and so I ended up suddenly going off the AI for three weeks and it was bad. By the middle of the third week, I was in much worse shape than I had been before starting the AI. Once I got home, my new bottle of AI was waiting for me and I started back on it and in a couple of weeks things were fine again, but over all it wasn't a fun experience.

Once you start the AI, if you ever decide to stop taking it, you will need to taper off slowly or you might end up crashing like I did.


Thanks HappyDog. I am glad you wrote this. I got the Anastrozole in the mail yesterday and I was playing with the idea of just trying a small quantity. Glad I didn't do so before reading your post. I will DEFINITELY get that Male Panel test from LEF now before I experiment with this stuff.

So what is the optimal ratio of testosterone to estrogen?
Also what is an optimal range of free testosterone?

Thanks to everybody here for all the great info I have gotten so far.