Cheap and Effective Rolling Stick + Roller

You’ve probably read about foam rolling - it does all kinds of good stuff for you. The problem is that rollers cost $30+ and wear out pretty fast. Fear not, the solution is here.

Anyone serious about rolling needs a roller + a stick roller + a ball. Here’s how to do it on the cheap, assuming you have very basic tools (namely a saw, a drill, and a pair of pliers).

  1. The stick - go to your local hardware store. They should have 24" cuts of PVC pipe. Get 1/2" diameter and 1" diameter. The 1/2" should fit INSIDE the 1". Total cost is around $2.50. Cut about 8-10" off the 1" diameter tube. Place the 1/2" inside the 1". This is your roller. To keep the 1" from bumping into your hands, you’ll want to secure it in place. This is done by drilling holes and inserting nails at each end, then bending over the nails so they form pins (pins are in the 1/2" pipe to keep the 1" pipe from sliding to either side). It’s hard to explain, so a picture will do a better job:

  1. The roller - this is easy. 24" length of 4" diameter PVC pipe and you’re done. If it’s too hard, wrap a towel around it and secure with tape. Total cost around $6.

  2. The ball - tennis balls and raquet balls are great. $5

There you go - a full rolling setup for about the same dosh as you’d spend on dinner at Applebees.