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Chavez Crushes University Protests


Venezuela protest turns violent

The protesters largely appeared to be university students
Thousands of students have clashed with police in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, during a protest against proposed constitutional changes.
Police fired tear gas at students angry at plans to let President Hugo Chavez stand for indefinite re-election as bottles and stones were thrown.

Mr Chavez would also be allowed to bypass legal controls on the executive during a state of emergency.

Parliament, composed of Chavez allies, is now debating the changes.

They will be subjected to a popular referendum later this year.


Like all socialist, lib, communist movements, they all eventually turn into demagogues and Satanists.

"I smell sulfer. El Diablo was here." When he said that about Bush while he spoke at the UN, it was his own B.O. he smelled.


I'd expect nothing less from a dick like Chavez.


It wasn't long ago in the U.S that similar actions were taken against protesters of the Vietnam War. Peaceful protests, mind you.

George W. Bush can do essentially the same thing here in the states.

I'm aware that Chavez licks goat balls, but was the point of this thread.



Chavez is a dick. We understand. Why the fuck do you keep posting about him? Only ONE person defends him. WHo gives a flying fuck if a Muslim in Sweden thinks Chavez is a decent human being?

You're like a stalker...


A) I am the one who posts the most Chavez "updates". B) it's as much fair game as any other topic ain't it? I mean hell, in that case why don't we have just one dedicated Bush thread, Iraq thread, etc. You don't have to read it you know. I skip the threads I am not interested in.


The constant Bush is an asshole threads that don't add to the argument are equally as annoying...


1.Chavez provided free oil for heating for some of the poorest areas of London.

  1. BBC news documentary recorded the coup d'état in the same year Chavez was elected. This was pure luck/chance on the bbc's part, who heavily argued for Chavez's government and against the corrupt right wing government of yesteryear.


He's not perfect, but he's much, much better than previous governments and has the balls(one of the minority on the world scene) to tell the USA to back off with its interventionist/expansionist policies.


Dictatorships are built on the backs of the poor. Suckers always fall for it. The Venzuelan govenrment has never been more corrupt than it is now. And, that in itself is a miricle. Not mention the mass exodus of wealth and knowlege leaving the country because they don't want the government to take it all. It's a matter of time before the borders are closed. Chavez wants to make Venezuala like the "...happy people of Cuba...."; destitute and starving.
I'll take my chances living in a western democratic society, thanks. Socialism sucks.


Surely you must realize that the plundering of oil firms prior to his election was much more massive than the bourgeoisie jumping ship.

Good for you. Now will you respect the right of the people of Venezuela (who can't afford the trip to a western democratic society) to decide who they want as leader?

As demonstrated by the Swedish experience.


They regret the likes of you leeching off them.


Better them than us....Besides it's a stupid comaparison since Sweden is not socialist. While having socialist tendencies it is not purly socialist, nor a dictatorship. This of course it apparetly transparent from the prospective of somebody who sponges off of it's welfare system.
Perhaps one should learn more about the country one has choosen to invade....


I am sure the millions of illegal aliens Chavez made legal in return for a vote, certainly appreciate the change to kiss the hand that feeds them.


Well what about the policies of providinf FREE education. Fucking hell they are giving the people who get the best scores(in school) a free education specifically training them to be doctors.

On top of this the government has opened MANY new universities!

Shit how draconian can you get?

Anyway it is well known that the upper classes predominantly see the poor as dogs over there. The vast oil reserves were plundered for the benefit of the elite alone, which makes no sense seeing as if they invest in their own people indiscriminately their economy would actually grow(with all the benefits that produces).

Only now is growth and development occurring at the level it needs to be under Chavez's government. If the PEOPLE themselves vote for him into government wtf has it got to do with us foreigners?

It's not like they are attacking anyone, murdering people or producing terrorists/WMD.
They know if that happened the USA would intervene very directly.

Think about please in a totally unbiased way...i'm not a socialist by the way.


2 points.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Free education isn't. Someone pays for it.

Chavez is suspected of supplying money and arms to FARC a Columbian terrorist group.


And now the oil fields are being plundered by Chavez alone. On top of that, povery and crime has never been higher in the country's history. Compile that with the crushing of free speach and dissenters.

Further compile that with a complete circumvention of government and the urination upon that country's constitution and you have the makings of a bonafied evil dictator.

There is really no upside to what is happening in Venezuela. What you are falling for is Chavez's dog and pony show. He is killing that country and nobody can do a thing about it.


Chavez recently raised doctors' wages by 60%.



What good will raises do if he pulls out of the international banking system?

I'm not too savy with international money systems, but it appears he's pulling out so that no penalties can be enforced due to his take over of the oil fields and the processing facilities, for which he will not compensate the companies who actualy own the facilities.

Along those same lines though, if he's paying people in a currency that is not internationaly recognised, then they can't spend it anywhere else or on anything else other than Venezualan goods and services.

If thats the plan, then I'm gonna fire up the printing press and start buying and paying for everything in skyzyks bucks.


When's he planning on doing that? The article you sourced is 6 month old. Got any update on that?


Wow, sorry I forgot about starting this thread. Its upsetting someone who's little pet socialist theories led to their logical conclusions (totalitarianism): a seedy slob dictator 'El Presidente for Life'.

How could I have missed this???


god bless presidente chavez