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Chat Roulette Funny Piano Improv

This is actually pretty funny. LOL.

Should have put in thread killer (6) thread…

Ben Folds paid homage to this dude in concert.

That was awesome.

This guy is fucking awesome.

That is class.

I can just imagine some 14 year old popping up dick in hand then freaking out. funny vid

Seen it, completely awesome from the awesome dimension.

hahahaha that dude is full of win right there!

Amazing musician.

are we sure the first guy wasnt ben folds?

I guess the first guy was merton?

I guess Im a fucking moron.

Yeah he said it originally had like 4 million views but edited for youtube. I would imagine because of the underage girl asking to play Firefly. The original unedited version didn’t have her blurred. There is also a guy that does this however with a guitar.

Some of the stuff that people make up make me say “I wish I came up with that.”

Absolutely brilliant. Love that!


2nd video!! not as good as first one though…

yeah this guys funny

I went on chatroulette the first week it came out…and what do I see, a guy getting his balls licked by his dog…
fuckin hilarious

This shit is brilliant man. I thought it was just a cutsey thing until I watched the Ben Folds Homage.

I mean, ultimately, you could have two massive venues of people feeding off of each other with the artists on either end playing middle man moderator rather than just singing at the audience?

How fucking crazy is that?

I’m sure chatroulette is mostly perved out kids and single hairy insomniacs, but damn. Imagine:

You got Weezer someplace foreign, lets say Seoul, and you got another band that’s great live, like Barenaked Ladies (hate if you want they’re fucking FUN live) playing at the Santa Barbary Bowl and they’re crossing back and forth singing each others songs and singing along while the other ones are playing and the Seoul crowd is singing backup to “The Old Apartment” and it’s all displayed onto this amalgamation of video screens speakers and guitars?

And Drums?

Shit makes my head hurt man… I used to listen to my Dads reel to reel. Now there’s Ben Folds singing to some dude somewhere else and the audience he’s hanging with is feeding off of it.

I might be a little freaked out even, or, 35 and lame…

This one was pretty funny aha. Not the same guy(s).

Lanky likes these videos.

Lanky does not like Fuzzyapple’s new avatar.