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Chasing the Muscle Rabbit

Hi, My name is Rosanne, Rose for short. I’m 43, 5’2, 120lbs (I think my scale is busted. I am sure I weigh more). I am not over weight but I am over fat. I am married, 2 kids, 2 cats and a dog.

I am not new to lifting. I lifted when in the Army about 22 years ago and while in the Navy about16 years ago. Most recently I had been working out 2x a week but I took a 6 month break, Hurt my back 3x and felt it necessary to console myself with homemade cookies , not good to do that at my age. I just took picks of the damage. It�??s really Bad.

But I will not let it get me down instead I am going to do something about it. I was working out at a gym before but now I have some equipment in the basement so I will be working out 5 days a week.

Mondays: Back, and Abs
Tuesdays: Chest, and Abs
Wednesdays: Legs and Shoulders (my legs and shoulders are very weak)
Thursdays: Biceps and Abs
Fridays: Triceps and Abs
Weekends Off Maybe Shoulders again

I am working my legs a little every day with just Body weight because I do not use them enough during the course of a normal day.

I read the article about not chasing 2 rabbits so I decided to chase the muscle rabbit for now. So my goal is to add muscle especially my legs and backside.

Hi Rose, nice to meet you. Is your back all healed up and ready for work or do you have to be careful with it? What sort of equipment do you have in your gym?

It’s entirely possible to lose fat and build muscle, you just have to be determined and strict with yourself.

Hi Sic, My back is doing much better thank you. I will be being careful with it for a while. I need to get my glutes and legs stronger I think that might make a big difference. I am open to suggestions on how to get my lower bod in shape.

I have a Bench, Barbells, Dumbbells, and a Squat Rack that has cables and a chin up bar on it.

Yes I am hopping to lose fat at the same time as I am gaining muscle, but I have a tendency to cut my calories a little too low when I focus on the fat lose. So I figure if I focus on muscle gain but keep my calories at the 1400 to 1800 calorie rang and make sure I eat enough protein at least 110 grams per day I should be alright.

I love your Avatar too cute

Hi Rose…I’m relatively new to power lifting (7ish mos.), although not new to everyday muscle use, i.e. caring for my own horse/ponies on my tiny farm. I’m also roughly in your size range, as in on the petite side.

I’d always been a cardio type, along with riding/team sports, so lifting/gaining muscle was a foreign concept to me. But I’m really enjoying the feeling of being strong-ER, and doing a solo sport in terms of working at personal records.

I hope your re-entry into the weight world goes smoothly. I’ve found this BB very helpful with regard to the sharing of inspiring stories, support, and advice; have fun, and enjoy what you find on the forum :).

Hi Micropower, Thanks for the welcome.

No I bet you are not new to everyday muscle use. Living on a farm is a lot of work. I lived on a farm years ago and was very strong with out lifting weights at all. Unfortunately I am a City Girl now.

Yes I hope to learn alot here and maybe even help others too.

Baby whole Body WO today

Cable Lateral Raise 3x10 @ no weight added just the weight of the bar thing that the weights get put on. It was plenty of weight because I could barely get the last rep in
Supersetted with

Body Weight ATG squats hands held above my head looking up trying to keep good form 3x10 (talk about weak legs my quads actually started to shake after this)

Wide arm Pull up 1x1 body weight
Hammer or V grip Pull ups 2x2, 1x1 body weight
Supersetted with
Ball Crunch 3x20

Incline DB Press 1x10@15 lbs each, 2x10 @ 17.5lbs each

Back cable Flyes 3x12 @ 2.5 lbs. added
Supersetted with
Front Cable Flyes 33x12 @ 2.5lbs.5

Did not keep track of eating today will log on to fitday on Monday and start keeping

I don’t care how much weight you can or can’t use right now, you can do PULL-UPS!!

LOL Hi mom-in-MD

I saw your journal. Your weights are impressive. You will be doing Pull-up soon :slight_smile: I am surprised that I can still do them after taking such a long break.

Love your Avatar sooo… sweet.