Chasing the Dream

I’ll cut to the chase. I’ve been reading bodybuilding stuff on the web for a while now. Most of it was either over-compensators talking about squats all the time trying to act cool or pansys pumping the 30 minute 3 days a week bullshit. Bottomline T-Nation is the best thing I’ve ever read regarding this lifestyle. Love the attitude you guys have. So please read my post and offer any advice or criticism, constructive or otherwise.

Anyways, I’m 24 and kind of at a crossroads in my life. I just accepted a good job and start training at the beginning of next week.

But I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and something from my past has been haunting me. I joined the Army after 9/11 and my college baseball career went by the wayside. I don’t regret going off to the Army but it set me back in regards to my ultimate goal.

So now I find myself wanting to give Baseball another crack. It’s my dream. All I want to do is play and get paid for it. Thats all. Nothing more and nothing less. Because, realistically I know I’ll never make it to the majors but if I can support myself doing something I love I’ll die a happy man. I realize it’s an uphill battle, I haven’t played competively in years. Shooting for an independent minor league is the route I will strive for.

Oh some background - I’m in good shape. Advanced level lifter and I have a solid grasp of nutrition. Again, all that means nothing to me right now. I need to build a body meant for baseball and more specifically the type of player I want to become.

So my plan is basically this: I’m going to take the job and do that. Just to support myself. Then when works over I’ll concentrate on getting my skills honed. Batting cages, fielding drills, and of course a custom tailored training regime and nutritional program.

Basically I want to increase my speed so I can be a threat to steal bases and at the same time be able to have enough power to split the gaps. Then I want to improve my arm strength. I have a good arm but I want it better. Essentially I’m trying to become a 5 tool guy. Yes, uphill battle. But I love a challenge.

I’d be interested on advice,info,baseball training, or insight on guys who have done similar things (not just baseball) but just chasing your dreams in general.

Realistically this is my last shot at achieving this goal. A few more years go by and I’m sitting comfortably in my office chair wondering why I never even tried. i don’t want to be that guy. Even if I fall on my face I want to at least go to bed every night and know I tried.


Sounds like an awesome plan bro. Whether you achieve your ultimate goal or not, the journey towards getting there is gonna be worth it in the long run. You’re puttin your balls on the line, and thats all a man can really do in this life.

My dad played some D1 ball back in the day, but then got drafted outta college in '69, which effectively ended his career. Anyway, this is his 34th year coaching high school baseball. He has had two players go to the major leagues, including the '88 Cy Young runner-up Danny Jackson. On top of coaching, he runs an advanced arm speed enhancement and functional strength school for ball players. I have never played baseball, but I talk at length with him about functional strength. He knows a shitload about arm speed enhancement. I could ask him about some arm speed programs and then shoot you a PM if you want.

Good luck bro.

If you have no other responsibilities (wife,kids,excessive debt, etc) you owe it to yourself to try. My advice to you would be to go to as many minor league tryouts as possible. Why limit yourself to an independent team? ML orgs have open minor league tryouts every year-they advertised them in the papers. The independents seem to be geared more for veteran guys on the downswing who are trying to stay sharp for a chance to get purchased by a ML club in a pennant race ( a la Ricky Henderson) or guys that just don’t want to hang it up. At least with an affiliated team, you can get moved up to a higher A or even AA if you’re good enough. And you’re not going to make enough to support yourself in ‘A’ ball. I’m not trying to discourage you, but that’s just a fact. You will need an off season job.

The only reservation I’d have in this is that you’ve said you will never make the majors. This is a limit that you have to eliminate if you are going to do this. I think you have to have a burning desire to make it all the way it isn’t worth doing in my book. If it’s for fun, there are plenty of semi-pro leagues you can play in while you have a regular job and the competition is pretty good in some of them, with ex-big-leaguers sometimes.

Good luck and have fun.

Good points guys.

Iron - yah hit me with a PM man.

I’m afraid I don’t have much advice, but I want to wish you luck nonetheless.

Call me a traditionalist, but Baseball is my favorite sport, always has been. If you get on the Sacramento River Cats team, let me know - I’ll root for ya.