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I completely agree on the method here to escape a missed bench. It’s Pry a good idea for most to take it for a test run just to get a feel.

Of your bench is still stagnent even with reg/closegrip tng and paused - maybe add something dynamic like chains, spoto or wide grip?


On my bench I have the extra long catches and I set them just about chest level and I move the opposite on a fail situation onto those. The only way this wouldn’t work for me would be for the exact reason only the method you showed wouldn’t work. Going way to heavy and not even being able to budge the weight off my chest.


[quote]barbedwired wrote:
I completely agree on the method here to escape a missed bench. It’s Pry a good idea for most to take it for a test run just to get a feel.

Of your bench is still stagnent even with reg/closegrip tng and paused - maybe add something dynamic like chains, spoto or wide grip?

That’s a legit setup you’ve got. Takes care of like 99% of misses.

I’m playing around with assistance work right now to see if anything can make it budge. I’ve never had access to an incline bench before so I want to see if that will help, so that and long pause competition style are the two main accessories I’m focusing on right now. My numbers have dropped a little bit in the last few weeks so I’ve built up a pretty good bit of fatigue. I just want to see what happens when I deload for this upcoming competition. If it nets me nothing, I may give your dynamic idea a go. I just never felt like I’ve gotten anything from speed work before. I don’t have access to chains though.


445x5 Deficit Deadlift @ 158

Got in some deadiesss last night. Continuing with my linear progression, I pulled 445 for 5 from a deficit. It was pretty easy to be honest. I didn’t take any recovery breaths in between reps and just banged them all out. I should be able to hit 455 pretty solidly next week, and then I’m gonna move to the floor for my remaining sessions.

After the first set with 445 from the deficit yesterday, I did actually begin to transition to the floor. I did 2 more sets of 5 from the floor with the same weight. This is the format I plan to follow next week as well with 455. Once I get to 465+ I’ll just start from the floor. I think breaking it in like this is a good idea because these are literally the first pulls I’ve done from the floor since…last summer. Before last night, I had only done deficit pulls since the surgery. The bar looked I was about to do a partial deadlift to my brain. The setup is also ever so slightlyyyy different. So these two transitional weeks should help me get used to it a little before I dive in.

25 weeks post hip surgery. About 6 weeks out from competition.

Deficit deadlift- 445lbs x 5
Deadlift- 445 x 5,5
Leg press machine- whole stack x 20,15,10
Hip abduction/adduction- can’t remember the weights, but moved most of the stack for 6 sets of 15-20 both ways


Squatty squat squatsss

I squatted yesterday. 2nd session with the wraps working with 385lbs. I did 4 sets of 5 pretty easily. Hip is feeling pretty gooood. I need to learn how to wrap my knees better though. The wrap on my right leg literally fell off as I was finishing the 5th rep of the 2nd or 3rd set. That’s no bueno. I’m not good at wrapping. I kind of need to invest in a wrap roller also because my fingers get so tired and I just feel like I’m not stretching them out half as far as they could be lol.

Anyway, jumping up to the big 405 next week. I should be good for a couple sets of 5 there.

Squat(385)- 5,5,5,5
Hip abduction/adduction- all day
Leg curl- ow



Deficit Deadlift 455lbs x 5 @ 155

Competition is 6 weeks out. I’ve been doing a little bit of a cut to make making weight a cakewalk. Body weight is sitting at 155 now.

Last night I did my last deadlift session from the deficit. I pulled 455 for 5 pretty solidly. Dropped to the floor after that and did 2 more sets of 5 with it, then finished up with some leg pressing. Next week I’ll start from the floor with 465, so that should be interesting. Just a few more deadlift sessions until the competition.

Squats this week will be with 405. But today I’m going to do some back work.

Warm up- Bike, hip abduction/adduction machine
Deficit deadlift- 455 x 5
Deadlift from floor- 455 x 5,5
Leg press- 450x15, 500x15, 550x12
Cool down- bike



Bench/back work + a new video

Hit some back work and some benching in my last 2 sessions and today is finally squat day. Gonna see how 405 feels. Also, just posted a new video on my channel. People ask me all the time if they should squat with knee wraps, so here’s my take on it. Let me know what you think!

Back day
Hang power clean- 135x5, 155x5, 175x5, 185x3, 195x3, 205x3
Pullup (body weight + 70lbs)- 8,8,7,7,6
Horizontal row machine- 155x15, 170x15, 185x15, 200x15, (drop set)-215x10, 185x10, 155x10, 125x10

Bench day (experimenting with a slightly wider grip)
Bench press- 135x5, 185x3, 205x3, 225x3, 235x3, 245x3,
(210) x 8,7,7,
(195) x 8,8,8
Incline press(165)- 7,7,6,6,5


Got in some pretty good squats the other day. I hit 405 for 5 pretty easily, which is nice. I’m currently 5 weeks out from the competition but I think I’m only going to do 3 more squat sessions until then. I may jump to 425 next week and take a shot at 5 reps with it if it’s feeling good. Otherwise I’ll just drop to triples.

Deadlifts on Sunday! I finally get to start off from the floor so I’m excited to see how that goes.

Squat- 135x5, 225x5, 275x3, 325x2, 375x1,
405x5, 365x5, 365x5

Leg curl- did a pyramid up the stack for 6 sets of 10-20 reps, then did 3 more sets single-legged.

Also did lots of reps on the hip abduction/adduction machine and spent like 20 mins total on the bike for the sake of my hip.


Nice progress so far. You’ve handled the recovery really well and know exactly what your hips need and how hard to push.


Impressive, keep up the work. Wish I could front squat what you do


[quote]lift206 wrote:
Nice progress so far. You’ve handled the recovery really well and know exactly what your hips need and how hard to push.[/quote]

Yeha, man, I feel like I’m handling recovery and whatnot a lot better. I’m just trying to be very cautious with my hips from here on out.


[quote]biedec48 wrote:
Impressive, keep up the work. Wish I could front squat what you do[/quote]

Thanks dude. Just gotta keep at it!


Did some deadlifts last night and that was basically it as far as weights. I got to the gym, hit the bike to warm up my hip, did a bunch of light adduction/abduction on the hip machine, stretched out, and got started. I warmed up the deadlift and did 3 working sets and then hit the bike for a few minutes and headed home.

I ended up pulling 475 for 5 reps, which was my goal. I’ve done 500 for 5 before, but that was with straps, so this was a PR of sorts. The 5th rep was pretty tough here so I’m probably going to drop down to triples for my last few sessions and start cutting out the back off sets. Next week I’ll jump to either 485 or 495 and triple it and then do a single back off set, and then I have the choice of either doing 2 more sessions before the competition or skipping a week and just doing one last session. I’m not sure which I’m going to do yet. My goal will be to either triple 500 or 505 in the last session or double 515-525. We shall see.

Deadlift- 135x5, 225x3, 315x2, 365x1, 415x1, 455x1



Crushed some pullups and rows last night.Got bench today and then squats on Thursday. This will be my last session with 5’s on the squat. I’m hoping to hit 425. Starting next week I’m going to begin to seriously taper the volume and the weights are going to get heavy. A couple weeks of heavy triples and then one final week where I’m hoping to hit a big double on the squat/deadlift. After that it’ll be comp. time.

Pullup (bw + 85lbs)- 5,5,5,5
Pullup (bw + 70lbs)- 6,5,5

Horizontal Row machine- 170lbs x 20, 185x15, 200x15, drop set- 215x10, 185x8, 155x7, 140x5
Rear delt flye machine- 160 x 10,10,10,10



Got in some pretty good squats last night. Top set was 430 for a set of 4. I wanted but 5 going into it, but I racked it at 4 because my body doesn’t remember what hard feels like. I was still sore as shit from deadlifts on Sunday though so that may have factored into it. Body weight is down to 154 now. Only 3 more squat sessions and 2 more deadlift sessions left until the competition.

Warm up- stationary bike, hip machine, stretch, foam roll

Squat- bar x 10, 135x5, 225x3, 275x2, 325x2, 375x1, 415x1

Leg curl- 110x20, 125x20, 140x15, 155x12, 170x10

Cool down- more stationary bike.



Deadlift 505lbs x 3 @ 153 (3.3x BW)

I’m visiting home for a few days and I got to get in some heavy deads at my own gym. It was fucking marvelous to pull on a quality barbell again. The bars at the gym I’ve been going to blow so many dicks. Oh well. The session was solid. My body weight is down to 153, I’m currently 4 weeks out from the comp. I’m going to do one more deadlift session and 3 more squat sessions until then. I’m not making any promises because the bars are so shitty at my gym, but I’d like to pull something like 520-530 for a double in the last deadlift session before the comp. Before yesterday I had never attempted anything over 500 conventional for more than a single rep. I had also never pulled anything over 500 for more than a single rep without straps before. So things are coming along nicely for now. I just need to hit my qualifying numbers and then I can not fucking wait to go to the Arnold.

Deadlift- 135lbs x 5, 225x3, 315x2, 365x1, 415x1, 455x1, 485x1

glute ham raise- 20, 15, 15
hyper extension- 25, 20, 15



Squat 455lbs x 3 @ 153

3 weeks out from competition. I tripled 455 in my last squat session. It actually wasn’t all that difficult, but unfortunately, I misgrooved the first rep and basically ended up putting like 75% of the load onto my right leg. This made me a little gun shy and I cut the 2nd rep a bit high. The 3rd rep was hands down the best rep in the set, it just moved a little slower due to fatigue, but the strength is definitely there. I’ve got 2 squat sessions and 1 deadlift session left before the competition. My bench has taken a hit the last few weeks with the cut I was doing. I have since upped my calories.

Squat- bar x 10, 135x5, 225x3, 275x2, 325x2, 375x1, 415x1, 440x1
455x3, 405x3 (I wanted to do 5 here and easily had the strength for it, but the wraps were hurting my knees so badly at this point i had to stop)

Leg curl- 110x25, 125x20, 140x20, 155x15, 140x20



Did some box jumps and bench presses yesterday. I forgot how much fun it is just to jump onto really high objects, and the gym I’m at now has these little boxes I can stack onto each other for like 2 inch increases. I ended up pussing out at only like 43 inches or so from a standstill, but with like 1.5 steps I did jump onto a 55 inch box which is the highest box I’ve ever jumped on, so at least I know I haven’t lost a step since the surgery. It would be cool to jump onto a 60 inch box, but these have left my hip feeling a bit stiff today I won’t be able to do them too often I think.

Bench seems to have stabilized now that I upped my calories a bit. I hit a decent paused 260 single. I would like to hit 265-270 in the upcoming competition. And then I plan to take my bench to volume city for 12 weeks and maybe actually hit something respectable next time around.

Also, new video is up on my channel, continuing on with my series on assistance work for powerlifting, I decided to cover one of my all time favorite exercises this time: front squats. Check it out, share it, and let me know what you think!

Standing box jump- (35" x 5), (37" x 3), (39" x 3), (41" x 3), (43" x 3)
1 step- (45" x 3), (47" x 3), (49" x 3), (51" x 3)
1.5 step- (53" x 1), (55" x 1)

Bench press- 225x1, 235x1, 245x1, 255x1, 260x1
220 x 5,5,5,5
210 x 5,5,5



56 inch box jump

Lifting is tapering down so I’m having a bit of fun on my “off” days. This is the 2nd box jump session I’ve done in like the last 2 years. I’m not planning to spend too much time on these right now because I’ve got a big competition coming up, but I think it’d be cool to get to 60 at some point. So I’ve set that as a sort of goal for myself. But I’m just having fun with them for now. Big squat day coming up tomorrow, wish me luck. Oh and, Happy Thanksgiving!

Standing box jump- (32" x 5), (36" x 5), (38" x 3), (40" x 3), (42" x 3), (44" x 2)
1 step- (46" x 3), (48" x 3), (50" x 3)
2 step- (52" x 3), (54" x 2), (56" x 2)
Standing- (36" x 3), (38" x 3), (40" x 3)



Squat 475lbs x 2 @ 152 (3.1x BW)

Well, this was supposed to be the heaviest weight I was going to attempt in the training cycle and it was supposed to happen next week, but it happened last night instead. Technically, the set was a train wreck. I knew after hitting 425 and 455 during warm ups that the day wasn’t going to be what I had hoped it would be, but goddamn I could not correct my descent path to save my life. I was so all over the place that I kept missing my spot, which caused me to cut both reps high, and then threw me out of position coming out of the hole which caused me to get pulled forward on both fucking reps. In fact if you look closely you can even see my heels come off the floor on the first rep.

But somehow I still I gritted out two ugly fucking reps and for that I am slightly proud. I would consider this an off day but I was still able to hit 2 reps with my old 3 rep max. I have officially done only 12 squat sessions since the surgery and this is the heaviest weight I’ve had on my back in 11 months. I also weigh a good 5lbs less than I did last year. These factors leave me optimistic. I have a lot of corrections to make and I don’t plan to wreck things in 2 weeks, but in the coming months I expect to hit some big numbers. Wish me luck.

Squat- bar x 10, 135x5, 225x3, 275x2, 325x2, 375x1, 425x1, 455x1

Leg press- 540x10, 600x10, 600x10
Leg curl- 110x30, 125x20, 140x15, 155x10