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Chaser - Does it Work?

Has anyone tried that product called “Chaser” to prevent a hangover?

I’ve got a trip coming up with a couple buddies that love the nightlife. Their a blast to hang with, but I still want to hit the gym without feeling like crap.

I know the first defense is to cut back the booze, get plenty of sleep etc… I was just wondering if those supplements were effective in stopping or minimizing a hangover.

I’m goin’ to Vegas for fourth of July and I’ll try them. If your trip is after mine I’ll post again and let ya know.

I’ve tried it and it doesn’t do anything. I’ve found drinking water or gatorade before sleeping and/or if you wake in the middle of the night helps more.

Try B6 and B12.

Me Solomon Grundy

Worked for me… but I didn’t go on an insane drinking binge… I was heavily buzzed but not passing out/blacking out. In the case you drink that much, who knows.

Do be sure you follow the directions and if you’re marathon drinking, keep taking them every 4 drinks.

I’m just one person, and i’m giving you my history… I also had a good 6-7 hrs of sleep and drank plenty of water. Plus I regularly take extra B vits and Milk Thistle just to keep the liver in check.

On the other side of the coin, hell, if its a vacation/getaway, enjoy yourself. Especially if you regularly train hard and don’t indulge.